Shift 2 Autolog Time Attack Challenge

On the eve of the UK NfS: Shift 2 Unleashed launch, EA have released another video of the Autolog in action. The action this time features US ALMS driver Tommy Milner taking on renowned Irish drifter Darren McNamara for Autolog bragging rights.

Before hitting the track both drivers take a moment to fine tune their vehicles by adjusting the tire pressure, alignment and suspension to get the most out of their respective vehicles of choice. Check out the video below to see who comes out on top this time.

Source: YouTube



  1. Mild suggestive themes? What?

  2. I was wondering why he said his accent was hard to understand…then I realised he was a Cork lad….good luck to him understanding the chap if he really gets going at talking

  3. Got this yesterday but been unable to play it as I’ve still got 5 1/2 hours left on GT5 LM 24 Hrs. Hopefully will complete it today.

    • My Shift 2 took nearly half an hour to install the game data…be prepared to read the manual and have a nice cuppa to pass the time ;)

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