New The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screens

Bethesda have sent a messenger over to our realm, the poor soul peppered with arrows and surely about to expire at any moment, his bloodied hand frantically pointing us toward a tattered horse-pack. Within, crumpled from the long, arduous journey and only meant for the eyes of royalty, a series of spectacular images depicting heroics and beauty from their beseiged kingdom.

Yeah. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. New screens. We got them. Enjoy.

Source: Press release




  1. Wow

    • Yup that about sums it up for me too!

    • Personally I would have gone with “neat”

  2. Looks so much better than Oblivion, really beautiful. Hope the next Fallout looks this good too.

  3. i think i went on a really nice camping holiday in picture 3 when i was about 8

    • As long as you didn’t get up to any of the shenanigans as depicted in #2 while you were there.

      “Take my pickle, will you?!”

  4. I’ve re-bought Oblivion and Daggerfall to satisfy my absolute NEED for this game, how long is it until November ??? ; )

  5. Oh god, is that a nirnroot on the bottom left of picture 3?????

    Please no, I’ve already collected enough of those damn singing flowers.

  6. Stunning images. Oblivion was a brilliant game, had it on 360.
    Looking forward to Skyrim.

  7. Looks great, adding this to my watch list.

  8. Cannot wait.

  9. I’ve installed Qarl’s texture mod as well as a couple of others and tinkered with various config settings and Oblivion looks pretty stunning on my PC, but the third picture here is jaw dropping.

  10. Stop! You violated the Law, Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence your copy of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is now Mine!

    • Pay Fine
      Resist Arrest

      • Resist arrest

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