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We discussed this earlier in the week, but the problem still persists – for us, at least, Shift 2 on PS3 suffers from fairly serious input lag.

The original article was written based on promo code, but we’ve tried final retail code and it’s the same.  Yes, you can attempt to dial it down via the advanced setting sliders, but there’s still a clearly perceptable lag between the controller and the on-screen action which makes driving difficult.

Not only that, it’s everything once you’re on the track – even looking behind takes a good half second to ‘work’.

And it’s not just us complaining, although we do stress this problem might not be there (or as obvious) for everyone.

Credit: megadarren.

Indeed, discussions abound on the official EA forums, too – here, here and here, for example.  There’s reports that the PC version suffers a similar fate (with user created mods built to try to fix the issues) but obviously the PS3 version will need an official patch.

Another report suggests that the game uses some kind of ‘dampening’ which can be fixed easily – again on the PC – just with a config file edit to remove most of the lag.

Let’s hope EA are working hard on this for us console gamers, because Shift 2 looks like being a brilliant game – that is, once the input lag is fixed.

Editor’s note: We’ve also briefly tested the 360 version and it seems to have the same problems. It’s probably just over-zealous control dampening, as the PC config evidence suggests. Still, without a patch for console versions it’s extremely difficult to control and we would be letting you down if we didn’t let you know the difficulties we’ve encountered.



  1. Sounds bad. I was tempted by this but I will hold off for a while.
    I absolutely hate lag when it’s in the menus so if it’s in the actual gaming parts on this, that’s pretty much a no-no for the time being.

  2. Still getting it as trading in GT5 at Tesco for it

  3. thats a bit pants, whoever play tested the game before its final disc stamping ought to be shot!

  4. Did it not lag in EA’s test rooms? I don’t get it, how does something as big as this happen? It can’t be a case of “get it out quick and fix it later”, can it?


    • Those are my thoughts exactly. I paid £40 for the limited edition and feel ripped off. They’ve shown amazing videos and generated a lot of hype surrounding this game and it’s unplayable. The graphics are sub par but you could forgive that if it was playable. I’ve spent an hour on the game and it’s bearable in the lower front wheel drive cars, but as soon as you get in a rear wheel drive car it’s terrible. You can’t correct oversteer. You try to, but you end up over compensating due to the lag. EA really need to sort this out, and pronto. I think I may be sending this back on Monday!

      • The game just crashed on me too. Never had this happen with Hot Pursuit. Shift 2 is going back!

  5. Just like the previous Need For Speeds (excluding Criterion)? Pro Street had lag, I can’t remember or don’t know if Undercover does this.

    • Yep undercover did on the 360 when I had it online was bad but that was on terms with their connection though?
      This is unbelievable. I have Shift 2 only played 2 races was eager to play Motorstorm. The menus was slow and had trouble entering the online pass aswell. Haven’t tried online but was planning to do so on Sunday, so maybe a patch. Time will tell.
      Shift 2 and Test Drive is now out so it’ll be Motorstorm until then.

      • I personally had no issues with undercover on the PS3 (apart from it being a bit poor of course!) – Even spent time online to plat it & still had no issues there either.
        I may just be one of the lucky ones though.

  6. Yep, time to be patient and wait for a fix/patch…

    • Hopefully they’ll get it patched asap.

  7. that’s quite a lag :/

  8. Holy shit the lag looks bad.

  9. It kills the experience.

  10. That looks terrible. Out of curiosity, though, have you tried it with a DualShock3 to see if it’s only present with the wheel?

    • yes, it’s been tried on PS3 and 360 with traditional controllers.

      • Cheers.

        Well, that sucks. Will leave this until such time as it’s patched. Got MotorStorm Apocalypse through today anyway. :-)

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