Fighting Game Community Raises Over $30k For Japan

On Sunday, two fighting game tournaments were held in California to help raise money for Japan. As you all know, the north coast of Japan was devastated by countless earthquakes and a tsunami. The entire event, which was streamed online by Level|Up Series and iPlayWinner, allowed the community to make a significant donation to GlobalGiving’s relief fund.


To say that Fight For Relief was a success would be an understatement. The fighting game community managed to raise over $30,000 over the course of a day, which is absolutely mind blowing. Throughout the entire broadcast, donators were eligible to win prizes donated by sponsors such Hori and Mad Catz. The person with the largest donation, which turned out to be $2,000, received an ultra rare Gold Tournament Edition FightStick from Mad Catz. There are only 24 of those in existence, so it’s definitely something special.

It’s great to see the community working together to help those in need in such a profound way. An archive of the event is available on Fight For Relief’s streaming channel. Check it out if you want to see some high level play in Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with insightful commentary from some of the best around.



  1. Given we are labelled as anti-social losers who will one day shoot up a shopping centre because Grand Theft Auto IV told us to, us gamers can be pretty decent people at times :)

    • lol. Indeed. but you never see stuff like this covered in the media. But hey, if one bad thing happens randomly, BAM insta-attacks on gamers.

  2. Who’s to say we can’t be generous and socially unhinged all at the same time, eh? That’s an outstanding effort. If I’d known there was a charity do of this ilk, I’d have brought Mick Hucknall along and charged everyone a tenner a thump. Seriously, we could have built a whole new Japan with the proceeds.

  3. Great News :-)

  4. nice one. see what can be done when a community gets together

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