Podcast: Episode 12

Back once again with an eclectic mix of interesting, funny, rude and totally off topic chatter to warm your earholes, it’s the Oscar Mike Media Podcast! These get more and more irreverent as time goes on, I think this week we should blame Blair. He makes another guest appearance and things go downhill pretty soon after the introductions. By ‘downhill’, of course, I mean ‘awesome’.

In among the terrible, old jokes and the totally inappropriate comments we manage to find some time to discuss the 3DS (briefly) and Pokemon. Lewis fills us all in on what went down at the Empire Awards and Kris talks about The Boys, which sounds brilliant.

The quiz also takes a slightly different format this week. Basically, we do a pub quiz. It’s awesome.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Will listen later tonight!
    I listen to quite a lot of podcasts, and to be honest, this is the one I look forward to the most :D

    • And wow.. I won!

      • You can’t stop winning on TSA recently, can you!

      • After two years, it’s about time! :p

      • Can you reply to your e-mails please, otherwise you won’t win anything :D

      • What emails?

  2. About to listen to it now, hope the 3D is nice ? ;D

  3. about the burton superman, the plan was apparently for cage to play superman, you can’t doubt his commitment to the character, he named his son Kal El.
    and the pictures i’ve seen of the costume, awful.

    i saw a great video with kevin smith talking about his involvement.
    he had to read his script to a producer, i forget who, but there are apparently rumours he can’t read.
    anyway, smith reads him the script and the producer makes all these demands, like superman shouldn’t fly, he shouldn’t wear the suit and there should be a giant spider, in the end nothing came of it, but he also mentions that years later on he saw another movie that producer was involved in, it was wild wild west

      • I love Kevin Smith when he’s just talking. That’s from the “Evening With…” DVDs, there’s three now and they’re all brilliant :)

      • I saw Cb’s comment on the fronts page, so I immediately clicked on it to link to that video – It’s insightful and hilarious.

  4. Wooo Recognition! :D
    Don’t appreciate being called ‘he’ though…. Lewis Grrr…

    • Right, new rule: Every contest entry or question sent in to the podcast has to come with a photo to prove gender.

      Related fact: When I first found Blair online I thought he was a girl for weeks. I’m still not sure.

      • Well I thought you were a giant blue thing.

    • Ooops! Erm…yeah, sorry about that. :P

  5. Downloading it now. Will listen to it in the morning as my eyelids appear to be lead-lined tonight.

  6. 2 points. Firstly leave Men In Black alone. Men in black is an awesome film, and Will Smith is a boss. Sure Men In Black 2 kinda sucked ass but it was mostly entertaining and a bit of crap is to be expected from a sequel. As for Men In Black 3 – I’d say its unfair to judge based on the fact its taken some time to reach an agreement. I took some time deciding what I ate for dinner, didn’t make it any worse of a meal. Have faith, It WILL be epic.

    Secondly, I don’t think Lewis understood the difficulty I had to face in writing up a coherent Black Eyed Peas based email. Its no mean feat.

    Besides that, nice podcast. Keep it up.

    • I knew is was going to be BEP related seeing how you turned my riddles against me.

      Secondly, Men In Black sucks ;)

  7. Funny podcast as usual boys. Cracked me up when Peter told Blair to go off and google pearl necklace.

    • There’s a whole chunk after that that I cut. It was very funny, but super disturbing.

      • Please tell me there will be some kind of ‘Cut Bits’ montage at some point. I know there is a lot of hilarity hidden somewhere

      • Best of the TSA Podcast UNCUT would be brilliant and possibly illegal?

      • even if we get it P2P you gotta try and release it :P

      • I think all three of us, at one point or another, has said something that would make us very unpopular. Or, more unpopular that we currently are. :)

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