Duke Nukem Critical Mass Trailer

The Nintendo DS has often been criticised for having very limited adult-oriented content. Nobody could accuse Duke of being kiddy friendly though and this side scrolling/ third person adventure seems like it could be a great outing for the franchise.

Certainly, the last side scrolling Duke did in Manhattan Project was quite enjoyable and this looks to be aiming for the same feel.



  1. Oh dear.

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh Crtical MASS!!, being a 3DS game would’ve made more sense than the DS but the gameplay justs looks bad to me..

    I’ll look forward to the reviews

    • 3DS wasn’t started when they began coding this. It was meant to be a launch title for the DS

  3. Blimey, I thought Apogee fell with 3D realms. That actually looks a bit on the lame side.

  4. Man, if you can’t even make your game look slightly good in a trailer…

  5. I think it might be a bit better if it was in 3rd person view like the old PSOne games

  6. I don’t how but i managed to misread to subtitle as something dirty.

    The trailer has Pegi 12 and it has sexual content. That is not a 12, it should be at least a 15. It looks average.

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