New L.A. Noire Trailer Released

Rockstar has been ever so kind (or cruel) and treated us to a brand new trailer of its upcoming game, L.A. Noire. The trailer, made up of in-game footage, sheds more light on Phelps’ experiences rising through the ranks of the LAPD.

Upon landing at the more glamorous Vice desk, he discovers illegal gambling, corruption within the force, as well as investigating a shipment of government-issued morphine killing junkies even as it causes problems for the town’s most notorious mobsters.


Source: Press Release



  1. Despite looking like a shameless heavy rain/mafia2 crossover, it does look pretty fun :)

    • Nothing like either of those two from my time with it.

      • Hopefully you are right :) The trailers certainly suggested otherwise to me (setting = Mafia2, dialogue trees and general theme of solving mysteries = heavy rain)

      • it is a million miles from them imo.

    • That’s an incredibly cynical view on what is looking like being an incredibly immersive game.

      • Lol sorry. Just after being majorly let down by Rockstar with GTAIV and Max Payne 2, I always wait to be impressed by their games now, rather than getting excited in advance.

  2. Has anyone really been thwarted by the age verification on all these trailers.

    • part of me died when i turned 18 and had to start telling the truth :(

      • Same here! I’ve only been 18 a couple of weeks and when I created a GAME account to order an 18 rated game it felt weird putting my actual date off birth.

      • Wish I had that problem.

  3. Can’t wait for this, looks really good

  4. Stop at 0:42. It’s Phil, the DHARMA guy from LOST, 1977.
    And the guy at 0:46 looks just like the guy that starred in one episode of Lie to Me (The episode Lightman was taking vacations in Mexico: His former student)

    • And at 0:45 it’s Eli from Boardwalk Empire!

      • 0:18 – The main scientist guy from Fringe :) [I don’t know whether that’s already been acknowledged)

        Also, I am going through Lost seasons atm so will go back to this when I reach DHARMA stuff, whatever that is :p

        I love this game for it’s stars, I think it’s quite fun to know who they are or remember where you’ve seen them before – it’s a fantastic way to get the parents to appreciate games :)

  5. I kinda forgot when does it come out in britain? i’m trying to work out which games to trade in so i can get this *i’m looking at you castlevania*

  6. I need to stop watching these things… it makes waiting even tougher. :)

  7. I cannot effing wait xD
    That and MK will keep me busy

  8. Beautiful

  9. Did I see Matt Parkman from Heroes in a trailer/behind the scenes vid? This game is going to be AMAZING.

    • Correct, you did. There’s quite a few actors from hit series’ in the game, not a bad line up.

  10. I haven’t really been following the build up to this release, but the trailer looks good, so I’ll have to find out some more!! ;)

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