Super Street Fighter IV: AE Confirmed As DLC

It looks like Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be released as DLC after all. This news comes in the form of a leaked trailer, which has already been removed from YouTube due to a copyright violation. Thankfully, I got a chance to watch the video an unhealthy amount of times before it was pulled from the web. It was awesome.

As expected, Super Street Fighter IV will be upgraded with all of the features from Arcade Edition. This includes adding Yun, Yang, Oni, and Evil Ryu as playable characters, in addition to changing the balance of the game. There’s even support for more alternate costumes (yay?). Capcom will also allow players with the AE DLC to choose between which version of the game they’d like to play. This basically allows you to play against someone that doesn’t have the expansion. Obviously, the additions from AE won’t be usable.


That’s not all. The online Replay Channel is finally getting an upgrade. There’s going to be a new “Elite Channel” added, which allows you to watch matches featuring players with at least 3000 PP. You’ll also have the ability to send your favorite replays to other players. The best addition, by far, is being able to search for specific people. In case you weren’t aware, the Replay Channel has always been random, essentially making it difficult to find great matches. Now you can easily stalk high level players and see what they’re doing at all times.

The trailer didn’t reveal a release date or a price point. Unless there are more leaks, expect a full announcement from Capcom next week.

Source: Vegivo via Eventhubs



  1. So is this DLC for Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV?

    • Super Street Fighter IV only.

      The changes from SFIV to SSFIV were quite tremendous. 10 new characters, new stages, new music, 2 ultra combos for every character instead of 1, as well as being rebalanced.

      Other important changes include the online features. Now you can spectate matches and have lobbies with up to 8 players. You can save matches to a replay channel, watch them with friends, or watch a bunch of random matches. There’s also a Team Battle mode and a Tournament Mode online. None of which were available in the original.

      • Seen! So Street Fighter IV is pretty lame in comparison.

      • Indeed. Lol.

      • I would say 2 new characters, since 8 characters were in prevoius titles :D

      • Looking at it that way does not provide a clear picture to the situation.

        From Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV, it’s definitely 10 new playable characters. 2 of which are new to the entire franchise itself and 8 are from past games in the series. That doesn’t change the fact that they are still new to the game.

  2. So glad this is DLC – I was concerned that they would be going back on their word that SSFIV would be the only ‘updated version’ (on disc at least) to be released.
    May pick this up depending on price. :)

    • Personally, I’m hoping it’s available as both. That way all of the benefits of a disc based release are there for people that prefer that method.

      • There’s always a Gold edition somewhere down the line.

      • Don’t forget the hyper turbo ex edition too ;)

  3. Hmm Street Fighter 4 :AE?…………Street Fighter 4 Awesome Erection

  4. No wI will destroy people with even more finesse. Evil Ryu FTW.

    Now, Capcom, just give me Street Fighter EX plus alpha HD :-)

    Looking forward to using Evil Ryu.

  5. I hope they fix background saving for the PS3 version, and enable 2 player lobbies to just hit replay if they want to fight again.

  6. This is awesome. Can’t wait to try out the characters in the AE. Really pleased about the stalking ability for replays now too.

  7. just watched the trailer, looks quality, might get this game now

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