UFC Personal Trainer Pushed Back To June

It has been announced that UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System has been delayed two months, with an anticipated June release date.

Taking advice from actual UFC coaches, players are expected to punch, kick, and wobble through 70 exercises, from wrestling to kickboxing and Muay Thai.


Supporting the Wiimote, Move, and Kinect, the game could prove to be quite the workout, as anyone who has played ‘The Fight’ can testify to.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. My muscles still hurt from the last time I played The First – a month ago. That game is brutal, awesome and brutally awesome.
    Vaguely interested in this, it could be rather good, to be honest.

  2. *Growls*

  3. I’ll probably give this a go when it releases.

  4. might be the first ‘fitness’ game i am interested in, probably because its more manly than all the others!

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