UFC Personal Trainer Diary: Week 1

So, I was feeling fairly optimistic after my first play through of UFC Personal Trainer, and it was with great enthusiasm that I fully started the first week of my 30 day weight cut plan. Unfortunately the week’s results have been much more mixed than I would have liked.

First up is the good stuff. The exercises themselves have remained nice and varied. Early on in the week everything was very much focused on leg and stomach work, with ‘crunch and punch’ style sit-ups, ‘V-ups’ and ‘leg lifts’ becoming my new worst nightmare (highly effective though).

I also gave the ‘tyre flip’ activity a go, and my backside is still killing me (hey, none of that thank you very much). What the tyre flip entails is you doing a squat, holding it for a couple of seconds before springing up and pushing your hands forward. I opted for the intermediate setting, lasting three minutes, which proved more than enough for me.

As the week drew to a close the game started to integrate additional routines into my program. Arm curls, shoulder presses, bag-work, arm extensions; nice and varied, although nowhere near as tough as those damn sit-ups.

[drop] Despite only doing this for a week, I’m already feeling the benefits. My legs have started to firm up, and some nice definition lines are appearing on my stomach. This is quite a nice boost and provides the kick you need to get up and do the routine after a twelve hour shift at work.

Now for the bad news; Kinect is actually doing my head in, and the amount of space it’s demanding is verging on the ridiculous. In one workout alone I failed five out of thirteen tasks simply because Kinect lost track of me (despite me clearly being there) and I stormed off out of utter frustration. I have a low tolerance for technology failure, so the air in my house has been turned blue over the last few days.

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that if you do something incorrectly the game will penalise you, yet not actually say where you went wrong and how to rectify it. That’s quite an omission in my opinion.

For some reason my copy of the game has also turned into a buggy mess, with the game momentarily freezing during moves (causing it to be recognised as a fail) and in some instances locking up for up to a minute. Very disappointing.

So all of this leaves me in an awkward position. On the one hand I can already see and feel an improvement, but on the other is the constant technology failure that is turning a possible 9/10 game into something of a 7/10. I shall persevere for another week, and see how it goes.



  1. Glad to see your sticking to it Dan! We’ve all felt the desire for a better level of fitness fade, especially after long days at work. So good on you!

    Shame about the faults, having had the EA Sports Active 2 on PS3, I gave up mainly because the accesories were a wee bit flimsy (the arm thingy could barely fit over my rippling muscles…). Had hoped this would be a bit more reliable :-(

    I look forward to your next installment!

  2. Still haven’t seen anything on the Move-enabled version of UFC Trainer. Despite the tech failures, you must really dig it to consider the 9/10 rating though!

    • Same, I can’t find anything of the PS3 version.

      • Everywhere is all about kinect. I would like to know atleast something about the Move version.

    • Sorry guys, I can only review what Ive been sent. Im not in the position at the moment where I can afford to buy a second copy.

      What I will say, though, is that I really cant imagine having to hold a Move or Wiimote whilst doing some of the exercises. Sweaty and annoying.

      • Exactly what i was thinking in your 2nd paragrapgh, maybe for the excercises you just put the move down and the ps eye tracks you?

  3. just a thought and possibly a little too late for this diary, but could you also include some “personal” details every week. like how much you weight, how many inches/cm you’ve shredded off your waist/thighs. does it also measure your heartbeat like ea sports active? if so what is your average heart rate so we can compare previous weeks to see you improve. keep at it!

    • That’s a good idea, I’d like to see some weight measurements as well if possible!

  4. Glad to see it is having some benefits. I still would like to hear more of the PS3 version and how it works with Move.

  5. Have you kicked someones ass yet? ;)

  6. Keep it up Dan! Lift those knees! Now push, you can do it, push yourself! GRAAAAAGH!

  7. Thanks for your input again. I was actually tempted to buy this as I really liked the idea, but I heard that the trainers aren’t very realistic and motivating, and that they can repeat what they say, even repeating the same phrase they said before. Have you experienced this?

    • There is phrase repetition, although I must say it hasn’t bugged me. Early days though ;oD

      • Well i must say, after a while of playing Wii Fit I just turn off to the instructors voice, so it can’t be that bad. I will eagerly wait for the Kinect price to drop to £80 o_o.

  8. Sounds like you were in a lot of ‘awkward positions’. Boom boom!

  9. Keep at this man. Delriach told me about this post after I posted my review of the game up over at thebitbag.com You should check it out, I ran into alot of the same issues you did as well. I too am doing the 30 day program but for cutting weight. I am a week into mine a well. Keep it up man, I will be checking back for updates and using this further motivation to keep going myself.

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