Disgaea 4 Heading To Europe This Fall

NIS America announced today that Disgaea 4 will release in North America for the PS3 late this summer. European fans can expect its arrival in fall. The “tried and true” battle system will return once again alongside a completely revamped graphic engine. The game will feature an all-new story, new characters, and exclusive features including user-generated content.

In addition, fans are being given the chance to leave their mark in Disgaea 4 by coming up with names for a weapon, a skill, and an NPC for Disgaea 4. Visit here for more information. 

Source: Press Release



  1. What the bloody hell is the fall?

    • October/Novemberish

      • Maybe change it to the Autumn, this is a European site!!


      • Just to point out: TSA has US writers, and though Dan is not one of them, it’s not accurate to say TSA is a European site. You’ll also note that the word “European” from the logo has been removed.

        I don’t have the stats to hand (Nofi?) but I believe a large portion of the site’s readers are NA based.

        In other words: I wouldn’t get too hung up on NA/Euro nomenclature. Like all web-sites, TSA is global, and hence there is no region specific correct way of saying things. To each their own. Personally, I use the term fall more than autumn because it’s become more widespread in press circles (for whatever reason).

        Oh, and it would be “autumn”, not Autumn. Seasons are not capitalised/capitalized unless the term is a specific event (Like Spring Break.)

      • as an english person i would absolutely say autumn is the correct way of saying it. ^_^

        and i hate the way chrome tries to correct my spelling to the american version often with zees to replace the esses.

        in all seriousness though, it would be more appropriate to use autumn when talking about the eu release.

        i mean if they used the us way of listing dates for the eu release they could be out by months.

      • @hazelam

        Button to the right of the address bar – Options – Under the hood – Languages and spell checker settings – Add

      • agreed. This is about a European release and in Europe the English is Autumn. If it were aimed at an American audience then use fall.
        Just sayin.

      • LOL! So, using that logic, you should use US English when reporting about a US release?

        Crazy. How about the author uses the words he or she wants to use?

        And this story isn’t just about the EU release.

      • Although I dont have any issue with writers using the word fall, or any US-English word for that matter, I had no idea when fall was (infact for some reason I assumed it meant Christmas :S).

      • Blown out of proportion?

      • Do what you want dude, just saying it doesnt seem quite right to me. Never seen it used on this site unless its in a quote…..which I do infact see as a European site considering 90odd% of the work is done by Europeans and published in European daytime and the site created by Europeans.

        And yes @sesameseed, does seem to have been blown up to be a bit more than it is but debate is debate and can come from anything i suppose. :)

      • I’ve personally learned to live with reading fall=autumn, but I just wanted to put the thought out there that maybe its about time Americans learned to live with some British words, seeing as we so often have to put up with theirs. I’ve nothing against America, but we did come up with the language first…

  2. This is good news, good news indeed. I played Disgaea 3 before trophies were patched in so while the games are a joy, it’ll be nice to have them this time around.

    • I played Disgaea 3 with trophy support and I’m still at a measly 8%. Those trophies sure take a long time to get. But it’s a great game so definitely worth it

  3. i’m not sure if if i’ve played a disgaea game before, i think i might have but i’m not sure.
    but it seems to have a lot of fans and have gotten consistently high review scores, so i look forward to playing this one.

    and hell, the more rpgs the better i say.

    • You will either love it or hate it. No middle ground possible.

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