Angry Birds The Most Downloaded PSN Game?

According to Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian, Angry Birds is the most downloaded PSN title ever, despite only being released in January. Quite where Colin has managed to find the sales data for PSN titles is unclear and it does sound slightly far fetched.

If Angry Birds is the most popular PSN game why did the maker claim “console games are dying”? And why don’t I ever see anyone playing it on my friends list? The reaction to the game on TSA was muted at best.

Source: IndustryGamers



  1. Got this game on my Xperia Play but havent seen anyone playing it, neither do I know of anyone who bought it via PSN.

    Fun game though :-)

    • What do you thik of the Xperia Play?

      • Absolutely Crackalacking.

        Fast, loving Android and the graphics/D Pad are just a joy to behold!

        Its well worth it if like me you are bored of iPhone/BB :-)

        Everyone I have shown it to have been really impressed.

      • Damn…. sold

      • Ditto, I’m also sold. I’ve been needing a new phone for ages.

  2. “And why don’t I ever see anyone playing it on my friends list” Whilst I completely agree with your sceptical viewpoint, I don’t think Minis (or PS1 games) are displayed on people’s PSN cards and instead they appear offline until they quit the game :)

    • Minis are

      • Really? My bad. Never realised that before. Then again, I dont think anyone on my friends list has bought a mini before so…

      • Yeah most of the games don’t interest me, just a few side-scrolling shooters but though. hehe :)

      • Yep, Sympozium’s right.

        The only time I really see anyone play minis (on their PS3’s) is for the PlayStation Plus Challenges

      • everyone is playing on there PSP

      • I play A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks on my PS3, brilliant game, thought that would be the best selling game seeing as though the price and value are both amazingly good.

  3. Perhaps it’s the most downloaded game that is available on PSN aswell? =P

    • Now that I could believe. Would be quite a pointless stat but great for headline grabbing

    • “with titles such as Angry Birds which is the most downloaded game through the PSN”

      So.. it’s really about.. downloaded through the PSN..

  4. I also find that very hard to believe. Angry birds is great but it’s been on iOS and Android for a long time plus there are seasonal and Rio variations AND it just suits the touch-screen paradigm much more sensibly. I don’t know how much of a market it would really find on PSN.

  5. The only people I know who have angry birds are people who have I-phones or other i-related media, and even then they were hooked for a while and quickly forgot about it. Most overrated game ever in my opinion.

    • Isn’t that what casual games are about? They are cheap, addictive and fun for a short while.
      Personally I think Angry Birds is fantastic fun and having 3-starred all of the original levels I am now really enjoying Rio.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t what casual gaming is all about, i was just stating that I know nobody who has a PSP with this game, only people with i-pads/phones etc.

        I played it for about 5 minutes, bored me.

      • Yeah that is the problem with cellphone games they might be fun for a little while but they get boring very fast they have always been like that at least in my opinion and that is why i don’t buy that one persons claims that console games are dying

      • I don’t see it as a problem to be honest. If I’m paying 1/40 the price of a console game then the fact that I get a few hours of play out of it still represents good value

  6. Played it on the Android… now where is this hype? I’ve already played a game on the internet that was a bit similar… tch rip-offs

    • Show me a game and I’ll show you one that is similar and older.

      Surely the point is that you played the similar game on the internet, presumably on a PC with a mouse or keyboard, while this is a touch-screen interface and is with you all the time.

      • No… its the popularity, cataputing rocks into castles was really fun, I found that to be much more

    • It’s Crush The Castle, right?

  7. I got it for PSN and so did a few of my friends but I played it once. Overrated game.

  8. Colin, can you back that up with offical stats? We have had a load of companies calm the same and most of the time they are bluffing? I won’t believe it untill i see some numbers.

  9. I’ve never seen anyone playing, and personally, I hate the game. It’s neither skillful nor fun..

  10. Bought it on PSN (as well as for my Mac) and that version is unbelievably sub par. Love it on my Mac though

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