SSX Deadly Descents Dev Diary II

Concern quickly reared its head when SSX: Deadly Descents was first announced back at the VGA’s. There were a lot of fans of the series that didn’t necessarily take kindly to the new direction the franchise was taking. Since then, the developer behind this project, EA Canada, have been releasing developer diaries to give gamers a better idea of what to expect. This is part II in the series and it focuses mainly on physics and some of the tricks you’ll be able to pull off. Check out the video below and join Todd Batty, Creative Director, as he takes you through some of the things he and his team are hard at work on.

Source: YouTube



  1. Yes loved the old SSX games, and this looks like just a better newer version. Perfect!

  2. Massively pumped for it now. Looks bloody brilliant already.

  3. The brief bit of gameplay looks very old school, much more like 3 than On Tour. There are gonna be some happy bunnies on the internet today!

  4. It’s starting to sound a bit more promising now!

  5. thats looking more like it. looking forward to seeing more

  6. Sweet. I reeally do hope they pull this off properly, I’ve been wanting a new SSX for quite some time now. These dev diaries show me a great looking game.

  7. Unbeliveably brilliant.

    I love the fact they’re talking about momentum & making awesome easy because that’s where Shaun White was rubbish as stuff was difficult to pull off and landing seemed to lose momentum all the time, plus it was severely lacking fun.

    This looks amazing, I’d even hand over my £40 to play it now on the chequered pre-alpha missing backgrounds

    Thank gawd they’ve dropped the Deadly Descent, all that stuff sounded 100% unnecessary

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