GT5 DLC Outed?

This bit of news has been causing all sorts of debate this morning, but a user over on GTPlanet has uncovered some interesting information regarding GT5. Whilst looking around the Remote Racing section of the official GT5 “My Home” website he uncovered 24 logos for tracks that aren’t currently playable in the game.

These logos were accessible under a GT5-specific image directory, and had been sized to fit the GT5 Remote Racing site. The list of tracks is as follows:

  1. Driving Park (20r60r)
  2. Apricot Hill
  3. Citta di Aria
  4. Costa di Amalfi
  5. Grand Canyon
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Ice Arena
  8. Infineon Raceway
  9. Driving Park (Kashiwa)
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Midfield Raceway
  12. Twin Ring Motegi
  13. New York
  14. George V Paris
  15. Opera Paris (Tarmac)
  16. Seattle Circuit
  17. Seoul Circuit
  18. Swiss Alps South
  19. Tahiti Maze
  20. Valencia Circuit
  21. El Capitan
  22. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)
  23. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Mini)
  24. Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Short)

A brand new set of tracks would certainly take some of the shine off Forza 4 if released around E3…

Source: GTPlanet



  1. El Capitan was one of my favourite tracks. I hope it is coming back.

  2. It’d be nice if they release a few new premium cars as well. I can’t imagine I’m the only one hoping for that.

    • And update some of the standard cars. The Ferrari F1 cars for the cockpit view to name a couple.

      • The Ferrari’s do have a cockpit view? The FGT doesn’t though.

      • I realised after posting that it was the Formula GT cars I was thinking of. I’ve done all my racing with the Ferraris in cockpit view, d’oh.

    • I’m fairly sure Polyphony announced that they are working on doing just so.

  3. I just had an orgasm. Please be true.

    • I agree. About the true bit, not the other bit.

      • not even a bit? I for one had a dreamgasm.

      • i had one but about something completly unrelated…

  4. OH MY. Yes, El Capitan!!!

  5. Vegas baby Vegas.

    • If I recall correctly Vegas was only a drag strip. Good for photos, not much else.

  6. Citta di Aria was one of my favourites :)

    • One of my favourites, gutted that it wasn’t included

  7. Hmmm El Capitan, Midfield and Apricot Hill please.

    These were found in the area that covers the online B-Spec races as far as I know.

    Wouldn’t be a bad thing though would it?

    • I personally would like to see more options for the track creator, Have been having some great races on those tracks online.

    • At the risk of talking to myself too much, also Seattle, always a great circuit.

      • Ooh, Seattle, I forgot about that one! That was difficult in fast cars, especially finding the right braking point on the staggered climb XD

      • Seattle would provide some awesome replay photo shoots with powerful cars taking off on the hill…never mind where the braking spot is, where’s the parachute? :0

  8. uncanny,was only thinking last night, we could do with some dlc tracks. then i thought doubtful, but there’s always hope.

  9. uncanny, was only thinking last night, we could do with some dlc tracks. then i thought doubtful, but there’s always hope.

  10. Las Vegas and New York would be pretty cool to race around in. El Capitan was an awesome track too!

    • Vegas is just a drag strip unfortunately.

      • I’m looking forward to the drag strip. I want to create a 1,000bhp sub 8 sec monster for it!

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