More Fallout: New Vegas DLC Leaked?

A couple of months ago, the name of a second DLC pack for Fallout: New Vegas titled, Honest Hearts, was leaked on to the web by an unconfirmed source. Now, that same name and rumor have surfaced once again but this time with a video. Unfortunately, it was taken down by Bethesda just as quickly as it went up but not before a forum admin over at Duck and Cover got a quick screenshot.

The fact that we’ve heard this name before and that Bethesda immediately removed the video from YouTube instead of just denying it’s validity only fuels the speculation that this is likely real. If it is real, then we’ll probably hear more about it via a press event Bethesda has planned for later this week. Stay tuned.

Source: Duck and Cover



  1. Yes! apocalyptic gentleman clubs

  2. Not played Fallout – is it worth a shot?

    Is it that good?

    • To some its a Masterpiece to others a glitchy crashing mess, I fall into the 1st camp.

      • To be fair, it’s kinda both. Utterly brilliant though.

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