New Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Videos

Capcom has released a bunch of new gameplay videos for Street Fighter X Tekken. Ten characters have been announced so far, with Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, and Chun-Li representing the Street Fighter franchise and Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, and … Bob headlining team Tekken.

The gameplay videos showcase some impressive tag team combos along with all the moves each character is known for. It seems like dashing under fireballs will be a common technique for Tekken fighters. The visuals and overall presentation is noticeably more polished than it was when the game was first announced last year.


Check out the videos below.

Source: YouTube, Eventhubs



  1. Most beat em ups don’t interest me but I will have to check this one out. Tag Tournament2 is the big one for me though

  2. Love those weird slow-mo water effects.

  3. As I’ve understood it there are two versions, one by each developer. Does anyone know if this will be released at the same time as Tekken X StreetFighter?

    • They won’t be released at the same time. I believe SFxT is coming sometime in 2012. TxSF will be sometime after that. Possibly a year later.

      • Shame, it would be cool to see who would get the most sales. But I guess it wouldn’t be as profitable.

  4. Wait… Why are they fighting at Jurassic Park?

  5. I think I’ll wait around for the Tekken version!

  6. Yey Ken is included unlike some other crossover game.

  7. Hello to the whole community! I’ve been a lurker for at least one year, decided to create an account.

    Well, I never liked SF character style, nor the gameplay. Always been a Tekken type of guy, even though I haven’t played the last one. Right now I’m thrilled too much for the upcoming MK game, that these trailers didn’t excite me at all..

    • Welcome!

    • Welcome!
      I’ve had every tekken and the last one disappointed me. SF4 turned out to be better, so I’m looking forward to this one :)

  8. That teaser trailer made the game look far more epic than it could ever hope to be. On another note, I love how that even though this capcom produced material, the SF fighter’s are getting PWND by Tekken affiliates. It was inevitable really!

  9. It looks good! I love that they’re mashing up the two brands, only recently got into Street Fighter with the 3DS iteration but I’ve always loved Tekken.
    I’ll be tempted.

  10. WOW.

    I think the Street fighter version will be better as it will free the Tekken Characters up from the Tekken fighting style. that said, both the game outings will be day one!

    Really cannot say how much I am looking forward to this, such a great idea!

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