Game Dev Story Gets Updated

It’s not a story that will appeal to everyone. But everyone with an iOS device will probably be keen to know that Game Dev Story, the utterly engrossing game developer RPG from Kairosoft, has been updated to version 1.1.0.

The update has one simple function – to add Game Center support. So now you can start your own software house, build acclaimed franchises and show off your awards to your friends via Apple’s bragging system and the thirty two achievements.


Those achievements include points for hitting certain sales targets as well as winning awards and hiring certain staff members. It’s another excuse to start playing one of the best games on iOS again.



  1. Maybe I’ll get it now, I never played it when everyone was raving about it the first time around. Not big into sim-style games.

  2. I played through this twice on Android but I really felt that was about it. First time you learn a lot of stuff, I never won any awards and took ages to build up, second time I was way better, won tons of awards and had a crack team who could churn out hit and after hit.
    There wasn’t much to drive me to play again really. I was hoping the next thing I’d hear would be a sequel actually.

    • there’s a follow up on iOS now called Hot Springs Story. It’s the same kind of game but based around managing a Japanese Hot Springs resort rather than a game dev. It’s a better game but not quite as interesting in premise ;)

  3. I’d really like to play this, but havn’t got an iPhone or an Android either (Well, not at the minute)
    Isn’t this available on PC in english?

  4. I updated, my save game is a millisecond before the awards thing and it crashes after i win two awards :(

    • Exact same thing happens with me. Shame, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  5. Ohhhw. Honestly, this game is too easy. After six years I was already the demi-god of videogame development. Not interested that much in achievements on my iPhone, I already nerd on the home consoles, lol :p

  6. Ive not touched the game in about 3 months, Ill give it another crack but much like 3 shirst once you’ve been through the game and mastered it, it loses its charm

  7. Brilliant news, I was addicted to this game a while ago but haven’t played it in s while. This seems like a good excuse to start pla again :)

  8. The update isn’t out on Android yet. Just to let you guys know. Infact, Android doesn’t even have the Hot Springs Story game yet.

    • Gamecenter is only on Apple devices. Unless there is something similar on Android, it won’t be updated.

  9. ipad update would be nice.

  10. Keep meaning to pick this up. Think I will now.

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