Just Add Water To Unveil New Game This Month

Just Add Water have been fairly quiet since announcing Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD a few months ago.

It seems they are about to lift the lid on another new game though at this month’s GameCityNights event in Nottingham, and have told press that the game in question is the revival of a shelved title from the nineties.


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will also be there, and CEO Stewart Gilray will then lead a talk by Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, who will discuss the franchise.

Source: Press Release.



  1. Yes, please discuss the franchise – discuss it real good. Then reveal HD multiplatform remakes of all previous titles and three brand new episodes in the vein of the first two Abe games.

    • That’d be amazing, if a little ambitious.

  2. A Ha – great!

  3. I wish they would release a new Oddworld game but go back to the classic gameplay of Oddysee and Exodus.

  4. I know what the new game is… ;)

  5. its been a while, as all been well? I could easily buy the pc version but this is a remake right?

  6. more announcements of announcements? o_O

    but “a shelved title from the 90s” does have me intrigued.

    • I thought it was noted on TSA a while ago that only the highest profile ‘announcements of announcements’ would get reported on TSA… Presumably this is going to be something really big.

  7. Oddysee was a personal favourite of mine back in the days of the PS1. I bought it off the PSN store recently and, like most older games, I found it has aged pretty badly and I soon got bored. I’m all for HD remakes of classics like RE4 and the God of War collection but I can’t say I’m too excited about this one.

    • Really? I felt the same way about it on the PS1 and played it again with a friend on the PS3 (PSN version). We saved every last Modukon and it was as much fun as it was on the PS1. This classic, did not age one second in my book.

    • I played Exsodus a bit on the PSP, it looks better on the PSP much like Soul reaver.

      Depends on the Gameplay

      • Oddysee, doesn’t feel dated on PS3, shows how well it was made to start with, I doubt you can say that about any other games. Tried playing it on PSP, highlight one of its fatal flaws – lack of L2 and R2, hopefully the NGP’s touchpad will fix that.

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