Apparently Kinect For Netflix Is A ‘Catastrophe’

Whilst we were happy enough with Kinect’s launch last year, it’s been a barren wasteland of nothingness since the heady days of Dance Central – mine’s stored away under the bed with all the dust and I’ve not seen a title worth picking up for the gesture control system for months.

So praise the Microsoft-shaped gods themselves when they announced that Netflix, the online video streaming service, would be getting Kinect control.  A reason to plug it all back in again and re-organise the front room?  Well, no, apparently not, because Kotaku have had a go, and it’s not pleasant.


“Let’s find out how long it takes to select and watch our favorite Netflix movie using Kinect instead of the Xbox 360 controller,” said the site earlier today.

It sounds like a catalogue of badness, and when the headline includes the word ‘catastrophe’ it’s clear there’s only going to be one outcome. So what’s so bad?  Well, apart from limited voice control it seems the only movies you can view with Kinect are the automated ‘suggestions for you’ pile, and if you want to watch anything else the Xbox asks you to use a regular controller.


And it’s not just Kotaku – readers of Microsoft man Major Nelson’s blog seem to have similar issues.  “Why can’t I just say the title of a movie I want to see and have it bring it to me?” says one, “why can’t i browse my Queue with gestures?” asks another.  “This is pretty much useless” complains a third visitor.

Let’s hope additional updates make this into the thing it should be.



  1. why can’t you just use the fecking controller and not waste £150 on a sophisticated high tech low use gimmicky webcam…would save money and time…plus wouldn’t it have a bloody meltdown when you try to watch that scene in Basic Instinct…”hand motion too fast, please slow your movements down” or “please use one command at a time”

    I think I’ve found the level for this article :)

  2. well, i suppose that is the kind of support to expect from Microsoft if they can’t charge you for a feature :-D

  3. Ouch. Why didn’t ms run one of their beta tests on this feature?

  4. Oooo, not good, not good at all lol

  5. My Kinect is even more dusty then my Wii, damn mirror surface! Good thing it was a gift from my boss. At least I used my Wii a lot through the years, I don’t see my self using Kinect a lot, it’s just to “dumbed down”, but I guess that’s why the super-casual user likes it.

  6. what is the point of something like this anyway?
    it’s always going to be easier to just press a button.

    for games maybe, if they ever release anything that doesn’t involves dancing and isn’t borderline shovelware, but for watching videos?
    it’s not like in the movies where you just use natural language and it understands.
    the way ms talk about it you’d think having kinect would be like living in tony stark’s mansion.

  7. Who would have thought it eh, Kinect is an overpriced, undertested piece of shite with little or no developer support forthcoming.

    Didn’t see that coming….

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