PS3 / Move Sales Figures Are In

The NPD numbers are in and Sony has announced some fantastic figures for the PS3.

As of March 29th the PS3 has managed a “sell in” unit sales number of 50 million worldwide.


As of April 3rd the PlayStation Move has passed eight million units, which is good but lagging behind the more expensive Kinect. A rather interesting figure is the fact there are 155 Move supported games as of the end of March.

With the stellar PS3 line-up this year are we finally going to see sales overtake the Xbox 360?

Source: VG247



  1. Yes we are!


    Go Sony :-D

  2. Even though the Move figures aren’t as impressive as the Kinect, I still think they are still quite good. Although I have two Move controllers so it doesn’t always mean 1 x Move = 1 x Household. Whereas Kinect is closer to that ratio.

    • I’ve got 2 as well but I’d also bet that Move controllers are less likely to be collecting dust.

      It’s one thing to get people to buy a product but once they stop using it, it can be even harder to get them to use or purchase more things (i.e. games) for it.

      • I’ve got 4, due mainly to a bit of drunken Shopto quickbuy impatience.

      • Mine is collecting a lot of dust, played the Demo’s and that was it.

  3. I don’t understand why sales have to be per household to be valid. Who cares if a household has 1,2 or 3 moves. They were still bought. Good numbers there for Sony, well done!

    • The reason is that games are usually bought per household. So if every household has 4 Moves (unlikely I know) then there is only a maximum potential of 2 million ‘Move required’ game sales. There could be 100 million Move sales but if they don’t shift games too then it could never be considered successful.

      • Depends if they are making profit on the hardware though, if their main aim at this stage is just to sell as many controllers as possible then it wouldn’t matter. I don’t think they have given up in any way on selling games for the move though so your right!

    • well Wikipedia state 47.9million ps3 as of 31st December 2010 and 8million move controller sold so sold is more believable rather than just believing some 360 fanboy who wrote that article

  4. 155 Move supported games? Can we have a list? Be curious to see what they all are.

    • There’s a list of about 70 on wikipedia. Not sure which games it is missing though.

  5. 155 supported games?? you have got to be kidding me! what/where/how?? this has got to be a typo! :-/

  6. 155 Move supported games?! Really? I would have guessed there were about 30-40…
    Also, the Move figures may not be representative as some people will have more than 1 move controller.

    • who cares if some people have more than 1 controller 2 moves per household is still 2 moves sold not 1

      • No-one is saying that 2 Move’s sold aren’t 2 Move’s sold. The point that is being made is that if you are comparing how popular Kinect vs Move (or vice versa) is, then going by the number of units sold, Move will look more popular than it is (since it is a lot more likely someone will have multiple Move’s compared with multiple Kinect’s).

  7. so could someone give the ps3 total vs 360 total. Would be interested to know. 50mil verses 51mil is pretty close. 50mil verses 100mil isn’t

    • PS3 50m as of 31st March 2011
      360 50m as of 6th January 2011
      wii 84.64m (shipped) states wikipedia as of 31st December 2010

      • something tells me PS3 could very well overtake 360 this year

      • wow – that it close. well done Sony. Interestingly I think it’ll probably be pretty close come the end of the lifecycle for PS3/360, but it will always be remembered as 360 whipping PS3’s arse in terms of sales – which isn’t correct.

      • Those would shipped numbers?

        Eurogamer is reporting that the sold to customer figures are:

        PS3 43.4m as of 1st April
        360 42.9m as of 1st April

        They don’t mention the Wii.

      • No, those are an analysts ‘estimated’ figures for active consoles:

      • @squashme

        People quote the 360 figures as of the 6th Jan, but that’s wrong, they’re sales to 31st Dec 2010. And if you’re going to play the rounding game, the 50.9m sales the 360 had by that date should really be rounded to 51m.

        You can find the 2010 and lifetime sales data, the majority of it direct from the financial reports from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo here:

      • Im not rounding anything off watchful im just saying what said on wikipedia which is obviously the truth if its on there and everything has to be or its gets deleted obviously your gonna give or take a few hundred thousand or so

      • I thought everything on Wikipedia merely required a source.

  8. I used my move controllers once at christmas, haven’t touched them since. Massively got the fun factor with friends, but playing games with it alone is boring and rubbish. KZ3 I hated it.

    • I dont think move works well with shooter games I tried with RE5 n couldnt even shoot a gun

      • You need Sharpshooter for KZ3 to shine with the Move. When you get to grips with it, it completely shines!

        I have move and mu bro has move and SS.

      • sharpshooter that gun addon for move ?

      • Res Evil 5 has been widely cristised for it’s Move controls.

        I had no problems on Killzone 3 and I wasn’t using the sharp shooter.

      • maybe I just didn’t get used to it. I dunno, I love it for the party games but shooters I don’t think it works unless its Duck hunt or something.

    • Flight control HD with move is brilliant and if i had more space then sports champions would get played regularly especially table tennis

  9. I’m not interested in Move but glad it’s doing well.

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