Rumours Suggest Wii 2 Has New “HD Controller”

We said overnight that several sources are citing a new Wii for an E3 reveal this year, and today CVG have apparently come up with more information on the successor to the hugely popular Wii.

“Sources understand Nintendo plans to officially unveil the console,” says the site, “which will feature full HD visuals and graphical capabilities beyond Sony and Microsoft’s current hardware, at E3 this June.”

Apparently various publishers have already been briefed on the new machine (some claim Ubisoft are among the lucky few) and launch titles are “in the works” at the moment.

However, CVG are also claiming there’s going to be a new controller, which will feature a “built-in HD screen” which, we assume, will sport some kind of touch capability.

“Nintendo’s plans sound unreal,” one source said. “Publishers are already planning launch titles and it’s all very exciting.  The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii. The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it.”

Nintendo aren’t commenting on the rumours, naturally.



  1. Our current upgrade list is as follows:
    – 1st Generation DS to 3DS
    – PSP to NGP
    – Bringing in the Xbox
    You watch now as Wii releases this HDWii and then Microsoft and Sony jump in with the 720 and PS4… Unless this brings something seriously good to the table, I really don’t see us adding this to our upgrade list any time soon.

  2. These rumors are all coming all of a sudden. Although I’d rather there not be a new Wii for a few years, Nintendo are losing steam with the 3DS not making huge (nontheless good) figures. Don’t worry, Nintendo are a money making machine. Can’t wait for E3.

  3. Anyone think Dreamcast? I just really hope they publish some original games and provide a consistent, solid infrastructure like Xbox 360. DONT RUIN THIS!

  4. “…and backwards compatible with Wii.”

    I have to supress the urge to believe that. “Wait and see” I am telling myself over and over.

  5. It’s starting to sound a bit silly tbh

  6. I trust Nintendo on this one and I’m sure they will deliver a great gaming experience, like they always do. Can’t wait for more information about it. Zelda with realistic full HD graphics? I think I might have to change my pants…

  7. Five years on, I’d be surprised if the Wii HD /wasn’t/ more powerful than current HD consoles. I mean really. We’ve got 5 years of chip development since then… *rolls eyes*

    As for a “built-in HD screen” How big are we talking? Don’t forget that current smartphones don’t yet push HD. The iPad doesn’t have a HD screen, but the Xoom and other tablets do have 720p screens. All of those are 10″ though. The NGP? Well, that’ll be 5″, and fairly realistic for a game controller input, but on the upper bounds of that, even that won’t be 720p.
    Part of the reason why the iPad 2 didn’t go super-high resolution was because of cost, but also the lack of anyone really producing that kind of screen. iPad 2 is selling bucket loads of units. Something that simply would not be possible if the screens were not as mass produced as they currently are able to be.

    And what of the cost? A single HD screen equipped controller is going to have the video processing hardware built in to push HD, and that won’t come cheap. Certainly it’ll be far beyond the cost of current controllers, and more likely cost about as much as a Kinect… EACH. So, when you add that on top of the price of the core console, that’s going to be exceedingly expensive. Completely flying in the face of the low price point that the Gamecube and Wii both came in at.

    Total idiot pointless speculation, then.

  8. Let me take my HD toothpick from the mouth, and wipe my hands clean with an HD napkin. And then I’ll grab this HD controller to play.

  9. Nintendo seem to be positioning themselves away from the usual generation releases. Sony and MS may well not release a new console until a “WiiHD” has already had several years and looking a little old.

    No one is going to make games for a WiiHD which will look a great deal better than the 360 and PS3 as they can make more money keeping them even. If MS and Sony then release a new console in 3 or 4 years time the WiiHD will be lagging behind which will see it miss out on teh “big” multiplatform titles.

    If the WiiHD is going to be “even more powerful than current HD consoles” and based on the fact Nintendo like to make profit on hardware from day one; where does that put it’s price? The PS3 is only just getting down to £200.

    Will people really want to spend £200 on a 3DS and maybe £250 to £350 on a WiiHD in the space of 12 months?

    There’s a good case for being first to release a console but you can be too early as well.

    • Jimmy-google notes an excellent point that most developers will be making multiplatform games and they’ll want to keep them looking the same across all three consoles. PS3 and X360 are doing perfectly fine at the moment and I doubt we’ll see major supporters such as EA, Activision, Square Enix and Ubisoft jump ship any time soon. You’ve also got to consider Nintendos infamous shovelware games which it succeeds in. Amazing graphics and complex controllers wont make development any easier for the games.

      Personally, I think it all sounds a little odd and it’s an easy rumour to make. Even though I’m not a fan of Nintendo consoles I still wouldn’t mind seeing a successor to Wii just to see how it all turns out. However, now is far too early to start seeing any new home consoles.

    • this is true, I want them to wait so I can actually properly consider buying it instead of the ps4. Not sure if I would, but I’d consider it, and that’s cool. If they release it now it’s gonna be beaten into the dirt like the Wii was in terms of multiplat games when the other next gen consoles hit the market.

  10. I bet that it’ll be very low-cost, the other consoles are around £200… if Nintendo go below, get really good games on board, Monster Hunter 3 G?, Street Fighter?, Zelda, it could be a instant buy but its only a DREAM,…

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