Where’s This Nintendo 3DS eShop, Then?

The Virtual Console has been great for the Wii, the ability to download and play classics from the NES, SNES and N64 years was quickly backed up with SEGA, Commodore 64 and even NeoGeo titles, providing plenty of retro classics for when you’re tired of the Wii’s own games.  For someone like myself, who adores old-school gaming, it’s a superb feature.

So it was with some disappointment that the 3DS launched without it’s own eShop last month, despite plenty of information out there from Nintendo about what such a feature might include.  They’d mentioned another Virtual Console service, the ability to play your DSiWare games and brand new 3DS games specially made for the console.  But the coolest things are ‘3D Classics’ – older titles brought up to date with 3D graphics.


So where it is?  Well, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno wasn’t happy with the Wii and DSi iterations of the shop, so it went back for further tweaking whilst the 3DS launch rolled onwards.  Here’s the teaser video which shows some of the highlights of the service, although it’s potentially changed considerably since:

We’re expecting the eShop to launch next month, in May.  And with it, hopefully, the ability to not only transfer any existing DSiWare purchases over, but to also activate the built-in web browser, which currently takes up a slot on the lower screen but prompts an ugly ‘coming soon’ message when tapped.  When it’s available, you’ll be able to pause a game with the Home button and jump onto the net, just like you can now with the notes and the friends list applications, which will be useful if you’re near a wi-fi spot.

So, with the launch only a month away, where’s all the confirmations on games that’ll be available, along with release dates?  So far Nintendo have been a bit too quiet, and we’d like to at least have some idea what to expect and what we need to save our pennies up for – yes, we know Link’s Awakening DX is coming soon, so hopefully that’s a launch game to build up excitement for Ocarina of Time, but what else?

We’ve fired Nintendo an email.



  1. Now see, if you listened to the excellent NintenDownload X-press podcast you’d already know all this!

  2. Pokemon Red-Crystal or GTFO.
    That’s my attitude to the N3DS shop, basically.

    • GTFO always makes me laugh when I read it ha ha.

      • Me too.
        But I thought it would suit my comment. :P

  3. May is still bloody long… what day will it be, how much will the games cost, will it have the Gameboy Mario Bros remakes, Rayman 1 even?… they must, I already have plans to buy a new memory stick for PSP, go Nintendo do it for fame before my money goes to some MS company.

    • Nintendo just said ‘Late May’ when they replied.

      • :/ still a bit long but I can wait! heh-heh

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