Why We’re So Excited For Uncharted 3

Today the world got its first glimpse at Uncharted 3’s multiplayer mode – it looks, as we’re no doubt you’ve already seen, fabulous.  Of course, Among Thieves’ online portion was solid enough to start with: we’ve had plenty of Meets over the months since release and the comprehensive photo mode still impresses, so there’s no reason to think that Drake’s Deception won’t be anything less than fantastic fun, something echoed by the various hands-on articles circulating this evening.

[drop]But, from a personal point of view, it’s all about the single player.  I’ve never really been much of a multiplayer fan, especially when it comes to deathmatch based experiences, preferring to stay in the relative safety of co-operative teamwork rather than rushing around trying to stay alive longer than a few seconds.  Thankfully, the two previous Uncharted games have excelled at the lone story mode, the second in particular a phenomenal experience from start to finish.

As we’ve said before, what we’ve already seen in the form of the Chateau level was a blisteringly paced thrill ride set against a collasping building ravaged by fire which showed off Drake’s new moves, both agility wise and in terms of combat, which is immediately more punchy and weighty.  Indeed, melee has been ramped up considerably, and whilst close quarter combat was always something of an aside in the series, in Uncharted 3 it looks like getting down and dirty with the fists is going to be more essential.

The promise of a story based, once again, on tradition and lore is most welcome, too – I’m a big fan of exploration and whilst we’re never going to get a free-roaming adventure the chance to explore the desert is too much to miss, especially when it’s going to be based on the tales of Lawrence of Arabia, a story that’s been something of a favourite mystery of mine for some time.  And, naturally, sand won’t be the only location on offer – expect London and jungle, amonst others.

Naughty Dog can do no wrong of late – they rank up there with the very best on a technical level, pushing the PlayStation 3 beyond what most can only dream of, and whilst they’ve left the likes of Crash and Jak behind for now, it’s for good reasons: the Uncharted games have been fantastic from the first to everything we’ve seen of the third.  Reason enough to start the hype train rolling when Drake’s Deception isn’t out for a good few months yet?  Absolutely: details might be the wrong side of scarce, but anyone doubting this one is crazy.

I hate wishing away the days, but November can’t come soon enough.



  1. I took part in a meet last week. Failed miserably, but was good fun :) I was surprised how good the online was on Uncharted 2, as it’s a first [online] for Naughty Dog, isn’t it? Looking forward to the innovation in the next, which will no doubt be solid :)

  2. It’s the single player I look forward to the most, but it’s the multiplayer that will keep me with this game for months, so I’m very happy to hear about the improvements they are doing to it. Loved the core gameplay in Uncharted 2 MP, but the additions to that, and the extra stuff is great.

  3. Thank you Naughty Dog, thank you.

  4. HE CAN SPRINT NOW! I JUST SAW ON THE GAMESPOT INTERVIEW THAT HE CAN SPRINT NOW!!! Ok, calm down, it won’t ruin the game… AHHHHHH I BLOODY HELL HOPE THAT IT’S MP ONLY! Why, why does ND do stuff like this that prevent Uncharted from being perfect. I’d probably have nothing agains sprint, had the other games not so wonderfully had context sensitive sprint.

    • i would happily live with uncharted 1 over and over and over with a different story shoved in. Same could be said for most AAA games. Change for changes sake sucks.

      • Me too. The only thing I’d add would be the new context sensitive quick kills.

  5. This artical iz hit baiting as it haz no new news in it and the heading sayz “on da shulder of giants” but ther are no mention ov giants in uncharted lulz epic fail. *eye twitches violently, has massive stroke*

    • Pla3 cell

      gerilla can

      rsx works

      nobody else does

      • what you did there i see it ;)
        yeah im really looking forward to the single player/co op but im not a bid fan of 3rd person multiplayer

        also it will be really interesting to see what improvements and alterations ND have made

      • Nolgan?

  6. I’m looking forward to Uncharted 3 because it’s the sequel to Uncharted 2! Simples!

  7. i am hoping for a good story with a cool twist as we had in Uncharted 1. Uncharted 2 was much better on many things compared to Uncharted 1 – however I think the story of U1 was much stronger and more entertaining (also creepier!! the fights in the dark were awesome!! <- hoping for that in U3)

    • Uncharted 1 was amazing. Slightly beats the 2nd.

      • Came back to Uncharted1 recently and had forgotten just how much they had improved the movement controls in the second one. Drake was going all over the place and frequently stumbling off ledges and missing jumps lol. But storywise, yes I definately agree Uncharted1 was the better of the two :)

    I’m only kidding of course.
    I’m very excited for this game. The news about the beta was just awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will handle the online this time around.

    I’m only kidding of course.
    I’m very excited for this game. The news about the beta was just awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will handle the online this time around.

    • “You guys” then “you monsters” lol

      • Wow I didn’t realize that it posted the first time!

  10. Uncharted 2 was a game-changer for me. Even though the multiplayer was noticeably under-developed compared to the rest of the game, it’s been my favourite online shooter since it launched. REALLY looking forward to this beta.

    • Same here. It has its issues like lag, spawning and SA, but is despite this an excellent MP.

      • was before skins destroyed appearance & feel to it.
        skins in uc3, cant wait :(

      • Oh come on, the added skins ruined the multiplayer for you? Hardly a game-changer exactly that…

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