A Few New Uncharted 3 Tidbits

We’ve seen Uncharted 3 up close and personal, and it’s great – you can read our impressions here but remember what we’re talking about is limited to the Chateau sequence that’s been referenced around the web for a little while now.


There’s obviously a lot, lot more to the game than escaping a burning building, so it’s with a big smile that we saw the Official PlayStation Magazine running a big feature on the game in this month’s issue.

First up, news that motorbikes are pretty much confirmed for the game, with Naughty Dog saying they have a “strong tradition” of vehicular gameplay, and that they “try not to repeat” themselves.  Bikes, though?  Well, there’s a newspaper snippet in the teaser trailer that mentions motorbikes, and they would fit nicely with the Lawrence of Arabia theme.

What else?  Well, apparently there’ll be a London section, and a jungle temple (well, it is an Uncharted game), even though most of the game will be spent in the Rub’ al Khali desert looking for the Iram of the Pillars.

And finally?  Don’t expect this to be the last Uncharted game.  We know there’s an NGP version in the works, but Naughty Dog are happy to confirm that they never thought of the franchise as a trilogy.

From what we’ve seen of Uncharted 3, it’s looking brilliant.  For more nuggets of goodness, see what Edge had to say back in December.

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  1. I’d sooner put money on the world ending in 2012 than Uncharted 3 being the last in the series.

    As for vehicular gameplay… meh. It’s usually tolerable at best in action games in my opinion. I’ll try and remain optimistic though.

  2. Motorbikes could be really interesting (especially if we could use them like mounts in multiplayer)but its they do seem like a strech.

    also i doubt we will see an uncharted 4 on the PS3, but i have little doubt that we will see an Uncharted 4 on the PS4 which of course would be amazing.

    • U4 on PS4… I want that soo bad right now!!!

    • i agree Naughty Dog’s 3 game franchise per console is all they do cant see them breaking that tradition

  3. woooooo more Uncharted technically confirmed ;)

  4. Oh… god, I really hate those shooting sections , is this what they’re doing with the motorcycles. I wouldn’t be surprised if so

    • haha couldn’t agree more… shooting from a moving vehicle while protecting it from blowing up is tedious at the best of times…

  5. I saw the spread in PLAY magazine. It does look like it’s going to be amazing.

    • Its Naughty Dog, of course its going to be amazing….

  6. Really looking forward to this.

  7. Wait a second. Introducing vehicles in the third game… Uncharted X: Team Racing, I think that’ll be the fourth game.

    • That’s what I was just thinking. If past patterns hold true…

  8. Its all sounding brilliant, vehicles included. I mean we had vehicles in 1, and tha was no bad thing. Cant wait.

    Hopefully though they will give the franchise a rest after this one. As much as I love the franchise, I’d love for Naughty Dog to venture into another IP (new or old) and let ideas settle for a bit.

  9. Didn’t play the first one, loved the second one, can’t wait for the third one. I’ll get U3 out of the way before I start even thinking about U4.

  10. Sigh, why vehicle sections? Surely developers have realised by now that they spoil the overall quality of a game by putting unpolished sections like this in (Gears of War, Bayonetta, Alan Wake, etc, etc, etc). Hopefully ND can pull it off but I doubt it :( Rest of the game looks great though

    • I personally like the odd bit, its a nice break and normally great fun.

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