Duke Nukem Comic Launching, Stars The ‘French Tickler’

My brain hurts. I’m sitting here looking at the description for the Duke Nukem comic, titled ‘Glorious Bastard’, and the words just don’t seem to go together.

Space Pigs, Nazi UFOs, and a hot chick code-named the ‘French Tickler’…I’d buy it, purely to see what on Earth is going on. It’s due out in July for $3.99 and the full blurb reads as follows:

“What do time-traveling Nazi UFOs, space pigs, and a hot French Resistance babe code-named the French Tickler have in common? They’re all about to run head-on into Duke Nukem, and for some of them (the ones that don’t look good in bikinis, that is), it’s gonna end painfully. Video game legend Duke Nukem tears it up in his first comic book series!The King is finally back, baby, and he’s bigger and badder than ever! “

Source: Comic Continuum



  1. My word. Sounds like a crazy party.

  2. Outrageous!

  3. Day one, obviously – that is, assuming it doesn’t get delayed!

  4. WTF is going on?

  5. Hmm…I think the game will suffice for me.

  6. No gum=No deal. Will it take 12 “effing” years to be released?:P

  7. Oh look, he’s a sexist pig! How hilarious! Chortle!

  8. is duke an interesting enough character to carry a comic book?

    or is it all just going to be sex and violence?

    actually, i think i know the answer to that one.

  9. Oh come on, ye of little faith. Maybe it’ll be a thoughtful, sophisticated study of Duke and what makes him behave in the way he does. French Tickler might actually be his psychiatrist and accompanies him on his travels, working out his many issues in a mature way and helping him to become a better man.

    Nah, you’re probably right. It’ll be about sex and violence. French Tickler does look nice on the cover, though…

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