Killzone 3 Patch 1.08 Detailed

Killzone 3 seems to be getting a steady flow of patches now with the latest, 1.08, heading our way next week along with a server upgrade.

The list of fixes patch 1.08 provides is as follows:

  • Fix for DLC map rotation – Matchmaking will make the closest possible match based on the maps players have and other players online. All maps will be included in the map voting when rolling over to the next round
  • Fix for a network error (5022) after respawning in Pyrrhus Crater
  • Fix for a crash in Kaznan Jungle at the end of the round
  • Fix for a crash in 16 user Custom Games on Corinth Highway

Once we have a solid date and time we will update you.

Source: VG247.


  1. Once Mass Effect 2 is completed I am gonna hammer this online!

    • We’re just getting some KZ3 boots going on Mondays now. Come play!

      • ah cool, on those free Monday eves ill be there, popping some caps in asses.

      • Oh are we, I must have missed that. Going to go and find the details right now.

      • aw man just as my playstation stops working online

  2. Well done GG, they certainly know how to look after the crowd after the release of the game. Its just a shame the game is no where near as good as KZ2.

    • I would have to disagree with you there on KZ2 being the better game. It was a huge step in the right direction in regard to graphics and effects. Amazing. Although there isn’t as much of step graphics wise between KZ3 and KZ2 (due to many factors, same gen hardware added limitations such as 3D), I thought the game play mechanics were better and the storyline less one dimensional. Each to their own, but thats my 2 cents

  3. MP GOTY for me, obviously towards the end of the year that will change with BF3 and R3 looming, but atm it’s a bloody blast to play!!

  4. just got kz3 cant wait to load up.
    will only be indulging in mp atm, as yet to finish kz2 campaign.
    if anyone could tell me, if finishing 2 will make 3 more enjoyable(or essential), would be much appreciated.

    • I would say yes as it continues straight on after the ending of KZ2. Although the story line isn’t the most confusing to work out if you had never picked up KZ3, I would say if ya have there finish it and head straight into KZ3.

      • ty :)
        still have kz2 & will work my way through it.
        (too many games going on at once, addictive mp dont, still working on gta4, acr2 & arkham, etc etc lol)

      • edit mp in games *doesn’t help.

  5. How long till this drops in price or I may just pick it up at £38….

    • i got the kz3 collectors edition this week, for £34.98 at Game.
      this is the same price (limited period), they are selling the standard ed for.

    • its appearing in most online retailer sales for £25.

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