PSPGo Axed?

According to some internet rumours this morning, Sony’s newest version of the PSP might have had its production halted. Of course, the PSPGo has been dead at retail for a long time, even though it’s less agile stablemates still sell reasonable figures, worldwide. So, are Sony finally pulling the plug on the restrictive little slider?

According to Andriasang, there’s a blog which appears to be run by someone with extensive knowledge of Sony’s production and supply. They’re saying that no more units will be delivered to Sony stores and we assume that means no more to third party retailers too.


Hopefully, if true, this will free up production facilities to get some serious work done on making sure there are enough NGP units at launch to satisfy what is bound to be a huge demand.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Can’t say I’m surprised, I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

    • So, you can say you are surprised then ;)

  2. Those are sensible conclusions to draw. Don’t forget that Sony are trying to work around the power shortages in Japan, so they need to be realistic and focus production on units that actually sell. Phasing out the PSPgo at this point makes sense, then.

    Still kind of want one, if I can find it at a good price.

    • Very true.

      Although I never felt the need to get a Go. My bro got one and got rid for a Slim and Lite again. I would never part with my Slim and Lite, and to add my Xperia Play fills the void and in my opinion is what the Go should have been from the start.

      Thing is, now I know this I am considering getting a PspGo and hoarding it, seriously my OCD is getting out of hand :-(

      • I think their is a promotion still ongoing in europe where if you buy the PSP-Go you get 10 free games, they look all right but you’lll probably have them anyway

  3. Love my PSPgo, but hate the fact that £20 games at retail cost £30 on the PSN.

    • Which, for me, is the primary downfall of the GO!

    • It is a massive issue for this great little machine. I love mine but it is mainly used for Mini’s now as a result of terrible pricing.

    • That is the one thing. No price competition and some publishers really played on that fact.

      Love it though. Always in my pocket and always loaded with many games. Could never do that with my original.

  4. im surprised this story took so long to break, gamestation recived an email weeks ago saying that once the current warehouse stock was sold that was time called for our group and the pspgo

  5. In my opinion there was no reason to buy a Go if you already had a PSP.

  6. I thought this would have happened a lot sooner.

  7. I’m surprised they even bothered to bring it out in all honesty.

  8. Should’ve been much cheaper, then I might have got on. But then my original phat Japanese launch PSP1000 does me great and a cheap 1003 does my psn stuff, mini’s & digital comics :)

  9. Common sense decision by the sound of it.

  10. i’d hazard a guess that the production process was done with selling a sizeable amount of the psp go tech to sony ericsson to go in the xperia play… the go was too badly publicised and supported for it to have been the sole use of expensive facilities… ngp looking good though, but doubt we’ll see eu release this year, but if they can get it out for xmas worldwide it will have potential to kill the 3ds. if left alone the 3ds will mop up over xmas as people are more willing to get new tech then, but if ngp comes out it’ll seem newer, more powerful and, if not over 250 quids it’ll seem better value. 3ds would have to drop to 150, and then us tsa’ers can get both. win winnington winford mcwin

    • Winford McWin Wins in Winnington?

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