L.A. Noire: Rising Through The Ranks Video

We know what you’re thinking – it wouldn’t be a Thursday at 5pm if it wasn’t for another L.A. Noire video, right? Right? Good.

Well, this one’s called ‘Rising Through The Ranks’ and, according to Rockstar, “takes a deeper look into the world of Detective Cole Phelps and the various partners you will work with as you rise through the desks of the LAPD.”


Sounds spiffing. Hopefully the below video will kick into life when the embargo rolls over…

All in-game footage, apparently.



  1. Less than 1 month to go!

  2. Pre-ordered Brink over this, but will definitely pick it up when the exam season is done and dusted.

    • Yeah I went the opposite way on this. Will pick up Brink a little later. L.A. Noire and Skyrim are my most anticipated games of the year.

  3. Want want want!!!!

  4. LA noire, welcome to my to get list. If they use the tech from this in GTA5(i know it exists!) then i would get that. I wonder if there will be Online co-op?

  5. Excellent trailer/diary. Damn, seeing facial animation of this calibre just doesn’t get old.

    Out of all the titles coming out this year, I truly hope this scores up there with the best as the effort put into developing it appears to be monumental!

    • well said have a feeling it will sell millions as well.

      • It should knock Zumba off the spot lol.

  6. A shame it isn’t using Euphoria. The faces look good and all, but as good ol’ Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth, Lie to Me) taught us, to catch a liar, you must also look to his body movements.

  7. Looks great this game. Would have loved a shutter island game like this.

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