Portal Sales Nearing 4 Million

Portal 2 has hit retail shelves with smashing amounts of success in the eyes of critics but it appears as though it still may take it a while to catch the sales mark set by its predecessor. Valve recently revealed that the classic puzzle game (that was once an indie title) is coming up on the 4 million unit mark. Obviously the success of The Orange Box has likely propelled that number higher than it would’ve been as a stand alone game, but it’s still very impressive, especially when you consider that this figure does not include any units sold on Valve’s PC gaming network, Steam.

Anyone want to start taking bets on how long it will take Portal 2 to catch up? If our review is any indication, probably not long.

Source: Gamespot



  1. Hopefully not long at all. Just started my 3rd run through, a rare thing indeed for me!

    • My contribution will take a little longer, I really need to focus on finishing the games I already have before starting any more.

      • me too Shields_t. Gotta sort my backlog first :-)

  2. It’s good to see a game they called a test selling that well, fully deserving though, can’t wait to get the second today.

  3. Started playing it last night. Hammered the beer a bit too quick after work on an empty stomach. Not such a good move when playing this game. Got maybe 30 minutes in before…

    At east I’ve got a long weekend to savour it :)

  4. Both Portal and Portal 2 are fantastic games. What a refreshing treat to find such gems coming out from nowhere… Well, Portal 2 couldn’t hide since we all got our expectations up. But, if you still have to try out a Portal game, don’t go missing a run… it truly is great!

  5. I thought you meant Portal 2 had sold nearly 4 million already..

    • That’s what I thought until I clicked in and read the article.

    • Same here and i thought that was fast but i don’t think Portal 2 will take that long to get to the 4 million mark it’s really popular

  6. Does this count when they were giving portal away free for a bit?

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