PSPGo Still Alive In North America

A couple of days ago we reported a rumor that was floating around the web about the PSPGo getting the boot, which everyone assumed was due to the lack of retail success. Yesterday, SCEA came out to Joystiq and stated that PSPGo shipments will continue to supply North American retailers.

Interestingly enough, just after they made this statement, a Japanese gaming site came out and reported that they were told by Sony that PSPGo shipments in Japan are indeed halting. However, Sony told them that they will keep selling the original PSP for as long it ‘continues to sell’.


No word yet on the status of the go in Europe but if we hear anything more, we’ll be sure to tell you.

Source: Game InformerJoystiq



  1. In the USA, all the PSPGO add ons are on the clearance racks and I could not find any PSPGOs. I will admit I did no look that hard.

  2. It’s sad when something like the PSPGo that’s so much better than the PSP3000 is so many way, can be dragged through the mud by a handful of gaming blogs, and that rubs off as fact onto so many gamers.

    I have a go and it’s WAY better than my PSP3000. Why?

    Better screen
    Bluetooth tethering to my phone (for online play) and to my bluetooth headphones for music/gaming
    better controls
    16GB of flash, holds plenty of games, they are all on there ready to GO (hence the name)
    Game Hibernate feature
    No moving parts (reliable)
    Less bulk

    Sure some people will be stupid enough to think it costs more, but it’s the same price as a PSP3000 when you factor in a 16GB memory card (the PSPGO has 16MB onboard).

    It just highlights how stupid consumers are, that they can’t make up their own minds, and have to listen to what some 2 bit gaming blog has to say…

    • Not all people like the idea of a Download only console. Have you seen some of the prices on the PS Store? They are usually more expensive then the retail copy. You may think the PSPGO is better then the PSP3000 but someone have a different opinion. To call them stupid is not nesseccary. Personally, if i could afford it, i would get a PSP3000 as i am not a fan of Download only game.

      • Agreed. I don’t do handheld gaming that much but if I was going to buy a PSP right now, I would buy an old school model.

    • Personally I prefer being able to actually HAVE the game. Not much beats that fresh instruction book scent!

  3. I just want them to focus on the NGP.

  4. Love my slim n lite but might still buy one lol. Shouldnt really considering I have an xperia play ha.

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