EA Sports Subscription Service Coming?

This is not official just yet so consider it as a big fat rumour, although one which wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest. According to a post on NeoGAF, EA Sports look set to launch a subscription service. The service will offer those willing to lay down some cash for an annual subscription a few benefits.

Among the perks for subscribers are cheaper DLC downloads, fancy badges to show you gave EA money and early access to downloadable copies of games before they come out in the stores. That all sounds plausible. Perhaps most interesting is the bullet point listing the ability to transfer DLC bought for current year sports games into future releases in that franchise. That would allow for courses to be moved into the next PGA game but it might also hint at an increase in DLC focus for games like FIFA which have so far been perhaps under-supplied.


See the images for the source of this rumour:

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Just before the moaning starts…

    Just think 1 thing, don’t like it don’t buy it.

    that’ll sort all you’re mining out straight away

    • *moaning

    • my only concern is the reg dlc which is available in console stores, will see a dramatic increase in price.

    • i agree totally, i haven’t bought an ea sports title in years, and don’t plan to any time soon either.

      one thing though, how can you have a go at mining? it was a once proud industry. ^_^

    • Sorry, but the moaning is required so that they know we’re not happy. If we don’t make any sound they will tighten the screws another turn. In this instance I don’t really care bacause I don’t play these games. Consider yourselves moaned at anyway.

      • yeah, complain, god knows i do it enough, but don’t complain and think that’s enough, the one thing these companies understand is money, if you want to get their attention you have to hit them where it hurts, the bottom line.

        complaining and then going out and buying the game negates any of your complaints.

        stop supporting them, if enough people do that, they will be forced to change.

  2. This is optional right? Like PS+? Then nobody should be complaining. If you want to benefits shove out the dosh.

  3. If it features some interesting stuff for fifa then it could be great but why not give away some of the dlc for free? Still I wouldn’t like to see DLC for new stadia and kits.

  4. This would make perfect sense if they did annual subscriptions for the game, not a PS Plus like service, considering the game changes little between iterations. At least PS Plus offers free games and items of value.

    • Oh wait, according to the image they are offering downloads. That’s pretty good then :D

  5. So a subscription cost and pay for DLC?

    • hey, “it’s in the game” o_O

  6. Weird you’d think they would make the DLC free for the subscribers but who knows what they are thinking yet

    • i’ve got a good idea.
      $$$$$, cha-ching. ^_^

      • Yeah that is always the reason :D

  7. Not another subscription..

  8. Can just imagine if Activision was rumoured to be launching something like this and all the vitriol that would running up & down this comments section.

  9. How about (FIFA a good example) the yearly franchises get turned into 2 a year development cycle, but with paid for DLC for new and updated squads, kits etc…
    Better games, cheaper for the consumer, and EA will still earn as the DLC price would go straight to them, minus a small % to sony/ms?

  10. EA has to be 1 of the worst devs for DLC. tiger being the prime example. the extra courses are in the store before the game hits the shelves. makes me feel like i’m only gettin half a game especially when all the DLC has already been made 2 or 3 years before

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