Discussion Mounts Regarding Card Details And PSN

According to PC World (and echoed by CVG) Sony are yet to determine whether customer details have been compromised, and that includes credit card details, amongst other personal data.

PC World claim to have a quote from a Satoshi Fukuoka, spokesperson based in Tokyo, although most of it is nothing SCEE and SCEA haven’t already said.


“[Fukuoka] also said the company has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users have been compromised,” said PC World, “but that Sony would promptly inform users if it found that was the case.”

It’s worth stressing that Sony haven’t said anything to this effect on the US and EU blogs, and we couldn’t locate the source of the claims from PC World at the time of going to press.

As ever, be cautious with your card details when online, keep an eye on your account, and we’ll bring you any updates as we get them.

Source: PC World.



  1. Yet to determine?
    That would suggest that they still don’t know how far they were hacked, or how…
    I was hoping the delay wad simple reinforcement of the PSN, but if they still haven’t figured out what happened to cause the security breach…

    • Sounds like that

      I wonder if there was an absolutely wide-open, gaping hole, that’s as good as no security, just like the PS3’s… just sitting there waiting for someone to look in the right place

      • I think we need to hang on and see whats what. Speculation means nothing, we need to hear it from the horses mouth.

        I really miss my PSN and wonder if Sony will add the days missed off from my PS+ :-(

  2. To think that this time last week I was looking forward to Portal 2 co-op. Speaking of which (and off-topic), I got it today but don’t want to blaze through it until PSN is back. How many chapters are there? I just started chapter 3.

    • Singleplayer: 9

      It took me around 9 hours to finish and then some extra time to hunt some trophies, discover some secrets and I’m still missing my play through with dev commentaries.

      • There’s not much of the commentaries really. I think I’ve finished the dev commentary part in like 3-4h (well, I already knew how to solve all the puzzles).

    • took me around 14 hours, however I did do a fair bit of mucking about. Currently going through finishing off the single player trophies. Once the PSN comes back I should be able to concentrate the coop trophies. Others will have to go some to beat this for GOTY. It is that good.

  3. Aw, I flippin’ well hope they’re not compromised!

  4. Luckily i only use PSN Cards when i buy something from the PS Store i’ve always hated the thought that you have to use your credit cards online cause there is always this kind of a possibility

    • Hence, why I use a card that only uses money that I put on it.

      • Doesn’t matter, sure they may not have your card, but they could have your name, address, DoB & maybe a password that you may use for other services

      • Oh man, I just realised that my PSN account password is unique, that’s pretty damn lucky if it turns out peoples passwords are leaked.

        Still, it’s a bit worrying that Sony claim not to know whether or not peoples card details have been compromised, seems alittle bit like Sony might not know entirely what they’re doing. It’s one thing after another with them lately.

        I mean seriously, there’s a clause in the Data Protection Act that says your information has to be properly secured. When you can ask a company if someone has stolen your credit card number and they say “no idea”, I think they might be in a bit of trouble even if your information hasn’t been stolen…

  5. I hope nobody’s details were comprised.it is a sad time for PS3 owners right now.Hoping for the best outcome though.

  6. I love the sponsored ad. Anyways. They should concentrate on getting a service back on line and then investigate. I’m pretty sure they already know but are currently finding out how. That will be the 1st question everyone asks. How did they get in?

  7. I’m not going to panic until something official is said. It’s just hit baiting and people getting worked up about it.

  8. Whoever the external intruders are, they have caused alot of trouble. I actually think its a splinter cell of Anonymous that went too far but that is referencing back to another topic.
    I don’t know much about hacking but, is there any way to track the source of the hack? Say the location of the PC or country of origin or something? Back to the topic, I think this splinter cell have potentially only got their hands on the employee details and if the hackers discovered your card details, Sony are legally obliged to let you know, so check your emails & bank accounts

    • And another thing…. I reckon Geohot made a few phone calls and told people how & where to hack the PSN and really get one over Sony…

  9. If they had been comprimsed, Sony is required to by law to inform everyone. It is most likely hit baiting. I heard a rumour on twitter that there are 40 arrest warrants for anon memebers who reside in the uk. You should delete the details from your console everything you use your card to minimise the risk of them being stolen. Just keep an eye on your account for anything odd if Sony truely have no idea.

    • Sony isn’t required to tell people if they don’t know… they also don’t need to tell people if they “don’t know”.

    • The 40 arrest warrants for Anon were related to Wikileaks when they were launching DDoS PayPal/Amazon etc… those 40 people were too stupid to run the DDoS software without protecting their connections first (Tor/onion routing etc)

      the probem with keeping your eye on your account is that if bank details have been obtained they usually end up in the hand of people who sit on them for weeks/months until the fuss has died down before rinsing them.

      However, a lot can be done with just your name & address details, particularly if you use your PSN password for other things

  10. Don’t really trust PCworld…,

    • Indeed sleezy reporting, and seemingly the sole source. All the usual culprits of lazy link reporting are all linking to this single source story..

      Fucking sad….

      • “lazy link reporting” would have been us reporting this several hours before we did, when we first found out about it. Instead what we tried to do was get clarification from Sony who has pretty much ignored all requests for info on CC security. I’ve actually spoken to the PC World tech writer who first reported on this, and he seems like a reputable guy who works mainly on Japanese news, hence managing to speak directly to Satoshi Fukuoka.

        But thanks though, I did enjoy spending most of my Easter monday afternoon running around trying to get a solid answer.

    • Me neither , they’d sell your Granny an E-machines !

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