WeView Verdict: Crysis 2

I’ll be honest, there was a mild, nagging fear that no-one would actually write a review for Crysis 2. Given that this was the first time we’d done this we honestly had no idea how you would respond. Luckily reviews were written, scores were given and a verdict quickly formed. Of course before we get to the community’s verdict it’s time to pull out the best bits of your reviews.

Now, we suggested that review be kept to about one hundred words. However, it was quickly pointed out that that’s not really practical for many of you, so we’ve relaxed that requirement. Of course, we can’t reprint all of the best reviews (otherwise this post will be about 3,000 words long), so instead we’ve picked out the best bits.


Of course this is a game from CryTek, so there was a lot of commentary on its graphical horsepower. Pretty much everyone dedicated a good chunk of their review to it but the sheer awe with which SavageOranges appreciated the world struck me.

Let’s start with the graphics: Fantaboulous. Honestly these are the best graphics I’ve seen on consoles of this gen. Everything is so crisp and clear and extremely detailed. Its a beautiful game. Often I had to stop on top of high places and do a 360 and take everything in. Whats more is its bright, which seems like a small thing, but it really is nice to get away from all the gloomy, murky, grey shooters like Black Ops and the like. Its also atmospheric. Every huge building feels huge.

There are very few games where you can just sit back and watch the world, it’s one of the things that I absolutely love about the Assassin’s Creed series, and it really appealed to me in Crackdown. It really is a testament to any game’s graphical prowess when you can just enjoy looking at things.

However, it seems that not everyone thought that the game was all that strong graphically. In the most negative review of Crysis 2, AG2297 cited issues with the graphics whilst the player is in motion as one of the reasons he disliked the game.

While the graphics are visually impressive and well above average, it only stays like that if you are standing still. If you move around at speed you will notice pop up with the graphics at a level not seen since the last Oblivion game. For me, this completely ruins the feeling I am in a real city.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Crysis series is the nano-suit, it really seems to be what sets it apart from your average FPS in terms of gameplay and lets you take a more tactical approach. Most of you made a comment about it, but haz360 seemed to put it best.

The different ways to use the much hyped nanosuit added a nice twist to the fairly standard shooter gameplay, often giving a sense of incredible power, although I did feel that you could rely entirely on the ‘stealth’ aspect of the suit in order to bypass a lot of the firefights.

No opinion of a modern FPS would be complete without some commentary on the title’s multiplayer. Most of you gave some opinion of it, but I liked Death_In_Flamez’s view in particular.

Multiplayer is very fun, the closest comparison would have to be Halo. The Nanosuit does the ‘bunny-hop’ possibly higher than Master Chief himself and I found sliding underneath cracks in the wall, stealth-killing, and running through torrents of bullets a very enjoyable experience. If you rush straight into multiplayer, the controls may be slightly harder to ‘get into’ than if you play through at least an hour of the campaign first. The latter option in recommended fully.

Finally, before we get to the overall verdict, I’d like to pick out my favourite review. It wasn’t quite as deep as some of the other review, but I felt it managed to sum things up nicely. This week I’m picking out rept0n’s thoughts on Crysis 2.

I came to the table expecting lag, poor graphics, an experience that would only be good on PC (and possibly Xbox). What I’m experiencing is a beautiful game that uses 3D to immerse but not as a gimmick, and that presents me situation after situation without too much hand-holding.

Now, finally it’s time for the community’s first WeView verdict. There were eight of you who gave your verdict on the game, and with six of you agreeing on the verdict the community has given Crysis 2 a rating of Buy It. So there you have it, you need to go and get your hands on a copy of the game.

Remember, we’ll be back tomorrow with a new game for you to give your opinion on.



  1. Looking forward to tomorrows game :) Cheers for the mention

  2. I’d likely grab this at a lower price, too many games unless I decide to get Brink instead?…

  3. A very interesting read indeed. Was debating what my new game purchase should be and this was on the shortlist. Decided to go for the new Mortal Kombat in the end though.

    • As much as I’m enjoying Crysis 2, I am having a LOT more fun with Mortal Kombat!

  4. I suppose tomorrows game may have to be a singleplayer only game, without dlc, otherwise it might be impossible to look at all of it.

  5. Bought it! And i was enjoying it too – until Portal 2 took over that is! I shall return to New York when i’ve finished this delicious potato-cake, nom.

  6. Thanks for the mention guys:) motivation to continue with this now:) can’t wait until tomorrow:D

  7. Great start with some good reviews.

  8. Great summary, some really good reviews. Enjoyed writing it too so looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s game is :)

  9. Great to read. I have ordered my copy and should be arriving tomorrow. Looking forward to playing it even more now.

  10. So Portal 2 tomorrow? MK?

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