BBC Say Statement From Sony Coming Soon

If anyone was watching the BBC News channel in the last hour or so hopefully they can verify this, but apparently we can expect a statement from Sony on the PSN outage, including the rumours surrounding customer credit card details, ‘within a couple of hours’.

According to a poster on GAF, the BBC have been in contact with Sony regarding the issues on a regular basis, and are expecting official word soon.  That statement is also expected to include a timescale for resumption of services.  According to reports on Twitter, the business news segment has just ran a comprehensive story on the whole thing.

We’d expect such a statement to arrive on the official blogs first, as all updates have been doing.  We’ll let you know when it arrives, if indeed it does.

Update: further clarification – apparently the BBC correspondent was being continuously told by Sony that they’d issue a press release in ‘a couple of hours’, rather than a specific time frame.  In short: don’t expect a response any time soon.


  1. what on earth does the BBC know?! Lol. I saw report and wasn’t quite sure if they were talking aobut PSN or trying to advertise sonys new tablets? Lol.

    ” I’ve been phoning Sony every hour on the hour”. Well I bet Sony love you pestering them every single hour. Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet are we there yet.

    • Ha Ha Ha…

      • lol, Fair play, if you want something to get done, point the BBC at SONY..

  2. Oooh! Exciting! It’s like the Eurovision, waiting for the score from Oslo.

    “PSN … still offline.”


  3. oh whoopeeee, I can’t wait for SOny to say it will be offline for another week.

  4. Neil Martin, a database security engineer expert, has told NowGamer the developers root key that was recently leaked can be changed during the rebuilding of PSN.

    Hackers had claimed that the leaking of the key would mean any new firmware would be completely vunerable, however since Sony are taking the opportunity to rebuild PSN, the key can now be changed, negating hackers efforts up to this point.

    “Sony will probably take the chance to change the developers root key that was recently leaked, which tells the PSN that a particular piece of software is licensed and allowed to use the PlayStation Network” said Martin.

    ”This could mean all previous software will require a patch when it comes back online,” Martin continues, “but inconvenience like that will be secondary to the loss of revenue via piracy and loss of security if they don’t change it.”

    Martin also claims that the service will be back at some point this week at the latest, possibly tomorrow, considering the time and staff already working on fixing the issues.

    The PSN outage is now in its seventh day, Sony is yet to reveal a time scale as to when the service will be back online .

    • I’m confused, is he saying that if they change the root key, every single game would need a patch in order to run on the next firmware?!

    • Thats a nightmare for Electronic Arts

  5. I watched the coverage on the BBC Business section, the reporter actually stated that he has been contacting Sony on an hourly basis and each time he is told they will be giving an update in a couple of hours. Sounded more like he was getting fobbed off too.

    I’m well gutted as Portal 2 is the first game I’ve wanted to play online in ages, and I was just over half way through the co-op. oh well, never mind, I’ve just spent a lot of time on the awesome Mortal Kombat.

    • Which you’d probably want to play online as well?

      • Never play fighting games online, Lag kills them, that and johnny one moves.

        To be honest, I rarely play anything online, not since Battlefield 2. Really looking forward to Battlefield 3, hopefully more like 2 than Bad Company or fike Battlefield as my brother calls it.

  6. ZOMG!! PSN HAS BEEN DOWN SINCE JANUARY 19TH But users have only just realised!!! o_O

    • was that meant to be funny?

    • Cool story

      *grabs coat and leaves

    • lol, some guy tripped over a cable at SONY, so some other guy at home can’t get his boob fix on the PSN, lol

  7. I hate it when we dont get a specific time and date but a estimation.

  8. I think Sony have finally decided to switch over to Valve time. It would be nice if Sony could give us an estimated date but i don’t mind how long it takes as long as TSA does not go down.:)

    • You beat me to it (just:). It would indeed appear, sony have their own personal time zone.

  9. *taps fingers*
    Goes back to NBA Jam on iOS

    • back to b.ops campaign it is. i hadn’t played for a while, due to frustration of khe sahn lvl on vetran. finally completed it lastnight, the relief when checkpoint music kicked in was sweet. from what i’ve read, it’s the hardest part of the campaign.

    • Talking about iOS; was there a thread with TSA members game center ID’s? Cant seem to find.
      Might make a new general iOS thread if not, with game center ID’s, app news, app sales etc. Thats of course if there’s enough interest.

  10. Story has just been on BBC radio- nothing new; still waiting for a statement from Sony.

    • Think it’s fair to say we can stand down for today. Hoping for statement & psn online tomorrow.

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