New Soul Calibur To Be Announced Mid-May?

Last December Soul Calibur IV designer, Daishi Odashima had fighting fans in a flurry when he tweeted: “SC is Back!” after its nearly three year-long hiatus from home consoles. Apart from the suggestions that Odashima himself would be directing the next instalment of the series (as highlighted on his Twitter profile,) details have been sparse, but that may change as of next month.

“Hopefully I will be able to announce something mid May,” one of Odashima’s most recent tweets read, and to avoid any confusion, it was posted in both Japanese and English.

Soul Calibur IV released on August 1st in 2008, and though it exhibited solid gameplay and fluid animation, critics knocked the game for its overall lack of content and the barriers it presented for new players. With recent releases including Marvel vs. Capcom and the superb Mortal Kombat, it will be interesting to see how Soul Calibur will step up to the mark.

Source: Twitter


  1. Itsabout time we had a new Soul Calibur, considering we’ve had Tekken 6, Street Fighter 25 and Street Fighter x Tekken footage

  2. Totally forgot about ‘Caliber, good games.

  3. I’d like to see Sackboy as a PS exclusive character!

    • lol, we’ll probably get Kratos though. hmmm, jak & dexter tag team?

    • White Knight, Black Knight and Fluted Armour from Demon’s Souls?

      I’m getting sick of Kratos, really needs to go to Arkham Asylum to be corrected.

  4. It’s hard to get too excited about this given Namco’s track record of hit and very much miss campaign modes most of the time. I hope we get an expanded version of SC3’s and not whatever SC4 was trying to do

  5. Make it 3D, Move compatible & with light sabres.

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