UK Charts: Burning Your House Down With Lemons

It seems that Portal 2 has struck a finishing blow to Mortal Kombat in this week’s battle for the UK charts top spot. Having recently completed the single player of Portal 2 I can say that it’s without doubt my game of the year so far.

That’s not taking anything away from Mortal Kombat though, as what I have played is fantastic and it seems to be the quality reboot to the franchise that we all hoped it would be.


Unfortunately SOCOM: Special Forces charts way down in 28th. That’s both MotorStorm and SOCOM that have failed to make an impact for Sony now, which is a real pity.

1. Portal 2 (EA)
2. Mortal Kombat (Warner Interactive)
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision)
4. Zumba Fitness (505 Games)
5. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (LucasArts)
6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Codemasters)
7. FIFA 11 (EA)
8. Crysis 2 (EA)
9. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo)
10. Homefront (THQ)
11. Pokemon Black (Nintendo)
12. Pokemon White (Nintendo)
13. WWE All Stars (THQ)
14. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo)
15. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft)
16. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (EA)
17. Dragon Age II (EA)
18. Michael Jackson: The Experience (Ubisoft)
19. Shift 2: Unleashed (EA)
20. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Ubisoft)

Source: MCV



  1. And poor broke me sat with neither Portal 2 nor MK! To make matters worse, I can’t play my rented Crysis 2 online either which I was really getting into

    • I haven’t played a game from this year yet D:

      • Nor I!

      • Me three! :O Will change when LA Noire comes out though :D

    • At least you still have a console to play the games on! Mine got nicked 2 weeks ago :(
      AS for the performance of both SOCOM & MS I’m not realy surprised. I’m sure SOCOM will do much better in its favourite market – the US of A!

  2. Gwan tiger 12. I’m really glad to see its holding a decent position since its their best golf game for many many years. Well done ea!

  3. What the hell is Black Ops doing there? =P

    • Who is still buying it?

      That is insane….

    • Yobs

      • you are correct me thinks. utter F’ing shame

    • It’s just received a TV mini-ad campaign as they always do this time of year to catch a sales flurry before the final DLC is released.

  4. Still enjoying Mass Effect 2. Too many awesome games at the moment, so I am playing through them at my leisure. After hammering KZ3 Campaign I havent had chance to take it online. cant wait to though :-)

    • Continue with me2. It just gets better and better and better

  5. Not to be *too* picky, but there’s no EA branding at all on my copy of Portal 2… ;)

    • You say that as if it’s a bad thing!

  6. Special Forces too? Can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s certainly disappointing for Sony and Zipper.

    • Wonder if that had something to do with Zipper’s recent high level departure

  7. I haven’t contributed anything to that top 20. Maybe it’s time I bought something, I’d like Mortal Kombat and OF: RR but they can both wait.

    Just looked at upcoming games and the only thing I really want is LA. Noire. Brink is kicking up a furore so I’m interested to see how it performs, might try it on rent if it’s well received.

  8. On MCV, Portal2 sales:

    54% Xbox 360
    35% PS3
    11% PC
    (just retail sales, not including the presumably large sales on Steam for PC)

    Find this odd given the massive feature set on the PS3, disappointing for those involved too, probably.

    Although it didn’t even make No. 1 in the PS3 chart, with MK coming up top.

  9. Real shame that Motorstorm has not performed very well as it’s a great game. From everything I have been reading think I’ll pick up Portal.

  10. when the PSN goes back to normal I will get SOCOM.

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