WeView: Mass Effect 2

After last week’s pick of Crysis 2 for our inaugural community review, many of you were wondering just where we’d go next. We’re not picking something brand new this week, although you might want to have your science gear ready for next week, you monster.

No, this week we’re off to space with Commander Shepard to get your thoughts on Mass Effect 2. With its PS3 release earlier this year earning it a whole new fanbase after its 360 exclusive origins, it seemed a good choice for the community to sink its teeth into next.


I know several members of staff, Peter in particular, absolutely rave about this huge, sprawling science-fiction epic. In fact we gave it 10/10 back when it released for Xbox 360 and PC, and it’s unsurprising that it held onto that score when it made its PS3 debut earlier this year. Of course it’s not all about the score, so here’s what we had to say about the game.

The scale of this achievement is not to be underestimated. BioWare have built not only an excellent action game or an engrossing RPG. They’ve built a complete experience in another time and space and the complexity and detail which has been poured into this experience is, quite simply, unrivalled by anything in the world of entertainment.

There are Hollywood studios, big budget TV companies and global publishing houses who would yearn for the quality of fiction BioWare have crammed into this epic experience. The days of asking when video games will grow up and equal other entertainment forms are over. With Mass Effect 2, BioWare have steered the medium into adulthood.

However, this is WeView so we’re far more interested in hearing what you have to say. So if you want to give your thoughts on Mass Effect 2 head over to this forum thread and write a short review, then score it on the scale of Buy It, Bargain Bin, Rent It, Avoid It.

We’ll pick out the best bits on Monday and add up the scores to get the community’s verdict. So there you are, have at it.



  1. Aww don’t have this:( looks like I’ll just be reading reviews this week. Or I might rent it. Hmm… Anyway looking forward to reading these:)

  2. Version 1.03 has just gone live to fix the Genesis/backstory Comic glitches.

    • been looking forward to this,finally i can play again.

  3. Loved this game so much. Was going to purchase the dlc last week but, well, we all know why I couldn’t…

    I loved this game so much, I bought dragons age ultimate edition. This decision was in part from the advice of the rest of the community via the forums here at TSA and also because it’s the same company…….played two hours of da and didn’t enjoy it.

    Funny gow one game can blow you away and get you so engrossed you actually read through every back story entry, via codex and them another game, by the same company, can be as interesting as beige.

    • I did the opposite jump to you, I got hooked on origins and DA2 then made the jump to mass effect 2 (and loving it), though as to which series I like best I couldn’t say, they both have their moments.

  4. Submitted, however for some reason I cannot type nor spell today. Please, accept my sincerest apologies.



  5. Agree with the 10/10 review completely, ME3 is now a Day 1 purchase for me

    • Definitely, I’m waiting for the details regarding the uber edition the devs want to release.

  6. Are we supposed to be reviewing the PS3 version in particular, or will any do?

  7. i would do a little review again…but i havnt got this game XD looking forward to seeing what people say about it

  8. posted :) actually quite looking forward to ME3 now

  9. Annoyingly, the PSN went down just as my fresh new copy of ME2 arrived, which means I can’t start it. Been looking forward to it for ages :( may post a review though as I completed it on 360, must say it’s the best gaming experience I had in a very long time!

    • Erm, why cant you start it again? ME2 is a single player game, no internet required.

      • Probably waiting to download the content that comes with it which you can access about an hour or so into the game, plus software updates.

      • Dont remember downloading the extra content myself. thought it came on the disc. And besides that, you can access the DLC later when the PSN is back. No biggie for me, game is huge enough. :)

      • Does the prelude not kick in til later? I read a while back that it needed to be downloaded. If that’s not the case then I’ve been really stupid wasting the last 4 days!

      • as far as i know all the DLC packs can be started at any time (apart from the latest prelude to ME3 one which has to be done after completion of the game).
        So my advice is crack on dude, by the time the PSN comes back up you will be at a nice stage in the game to start doing it all. :)

      • Ah sweet, yeah the DLC stuff I wasn’t too fussed about at the moment anyway, it was just the Genesis comic I thought had to be downloaded. Cheers bud :)

      • if im wrong id like to know. You will know as soon as you crank it up whether the comic has to be downloaded. I dont remember it that way. I didnt download anything for the first 4-5 hours.

      • Yeah so that didn’t work :/ Got to the point where Cerberus rebuild you, no comic. Have looked elsewhere online too, seems that you do have to download it. Poop.

      • Yeh, the comic is included in the voucher for the Cerberus network. Tough luck I’m afraid! Painful as it is, I’d wait and start a new game when PSN is up.

      • Yes you need to download the cerberus comic as DLC

  10. I’ll let some new guys take this one. My opinion is valid, but has been voiced many times already :)

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