Cheap PC Gaming: Killing Floor

I know a lot of people are a bit tired of zombies. I understand this, there have been a lot of zombies shambling around in recent years, what with Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising 2, Zombieland, Nazi Zombies and the horde that descended upon my flat early last week, so I can appreciate that a little disillusionment can occur. Personally, I disagree, I still enjoy killing the undead/infected and can not see that changing in the foreseeable future.

[drop]Now let me introduce you to a cooperative zombie-killing game, there’s never been one of those, right?. Killing Floor is such a thing – it’s cooperative zombie-killing done indie, with a little bit of character levelling and lots of zombies (as you might expect). You might be relieved to hear, then, that these are no ordinary zombies. The differences between fasties and slowies pales in comparison to the differences between the chainsaw-wielding, grenade launcher-using, predator-cloaking monstrosities you’ll find trailing you in Killing Floor. These are no ordinary zombies, sometimes they shamble towards you, sometimes they get quite close then surge forward with a machete, sometimes they carry frickin’ chainsaws. Some of them are female, topless and cloaked until they get up close to attack.

So as you can see, there are different types of zombies in Killing Floor, and not just jumping zombies and crying zombies. One sort of the undead is female and seems to be chained up, and her scream hurts if you’re too close, whilst another crawls across the floor invisible until it’s close enough to sink it’s claws into your tasty flesh. Another, as mentioned, seems to carry a grenade launcher, the grenades of which you’ll want to get out of the way of unless you enjoy dying embarrassingly early in the game, letting your friends down. You coward.

Thankfully, you’re not forced to scavenge for weapons. Whilst you can pick weapons up off the ground if you happen upon one, by far the preferred method is to buy them in the store you can visit between waves. You see, there are a set number of waves to this particular zombie apocalypse for some reason, and between the waves you’ve got a minute in which you can buy weaponry, ammo, grenades and even body armour to help you through the coming hordes. You earn money by, you guessed it, putting those fiendish zombies out of their misery. My first purchase from said shop is usually body armour, then ammunition, both of which are essential if you plan on surviving, as the monsters can build up quite quickly all around, even in a well-populated server.

Then I would buy weapons provided I had the funds. Certain types of weaponry are more effective depending on the perk (essentially your class) you’re using – the sharpshooter, for example, is better with pistols and rifles (and even a crossbow), mainly things that are good for getting headshots, whilst the berserker is good for melee weaponry. If you’re using the weapons your perk is better at using you’ll do more damage and get other bonuses, such as faster movement whilst they’re equipped. There are 7 perks in all and they all offer vastly different styles of play – or they do if you want to survive, anyway. These perks also level up as you use them by completing certain conditions (the Sharpshooter, for example, levels up after a certain number of headshots).

[drop2]This shop moves between waves and there’s an arrow in the top left of the screen pointing to where it will open after the current wave is finished, as well as how many meters away that location happens to be. As soon as the last flesh-eater is down in the current wave (there’s a counter for that in the top right) the shop will open and a minute will count down until the next wave, during which you must get to the shop and blow all your money. As a result, it’s advantageous to get near to where the shop will be before you finish off the wave. If you’re too far away to make it to the store before the next wave you might well be caught with your pants down and, more worryingly, no ammo or body armour.

The way the game is played is similar to survival mode in Left 4 Dead (that comparison had to appear somewhere). You’re in a walled off area of a certain size and you’ve got to survive, though there are no gas canisters or fuel tanks to help you out here so it’s all down to your shooting and grenade throwing skill to keep your and your team alive.

Obviously, the game is best enjoyed in multiplayer. Whilst there is a single player mode you won’t have any team mates, not even AI, which will increase the difficulty considerably. There’s also less of a team work element, as you might expect. Many times have I turned to try and take out something that was attacking me to see someone else take it out for me. You can also share your cash with other people, which is always nice when you’re low of funding for that shiny new crossbow you’ve had your eye on.

Oh, and I mustn’t leave out the slow motion. Regularly, when there’s a particularly impressive shot, or when there’s a multi-kill, or other such things, the game slows down into slow motion for everyone in the team, which is, well, cool. Or, it usually is, as with the nature of such a feature, it can be triggered when you happen to just be reloading, which feels like the moments in live footballs matches when the camera switched to watching a player just walking in slow motion. I.e, it’s not an impressive thing to see. Still, it’s a great thing to see a zombies head explode next to you as your turn from a team mate’s well placed shot, saving your arse and looking damn good too.

There’s a gameplay video below, showing myself and my awful aim, some random online team mates and our very own ER-Nut. There’s no commentary due to the awful quality of my mic (as evidenced by the Minecraft commentary two weeks ago), but there’s still lots of zombies and shooting of said zombies, so get to it. You can buy Killing Floor on Steam here for £15.

PC Minimum Specs:

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.2GHz
  • Memory: 512mb RAM
  • Graphics: 64mb DX9 Compliant
  • Hardrive: 2gb Free
  • Sound: DX 8.1 Compatible Audio

Mac Minimum Specs:

  • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
  • Processor: Intel Mac
  • Graphics: Nvidia or ATI GPU (Intel GPUs unsupported)


  1. This is sounding pretty cool. I already fired off an email to some friends, so we might try it out. ^^

  2. Seen this on Steam once or twice but just figured it was a poor indie game using zombies more as a sales pitch than anything else

    Looks good. Gonna pick this up later

  3. I bought this ages ago in a steam sale but never managed to play it properly because whenever I connect to a server it just freezes/dies as if the connection failed.

  4. Cool…

  5. Looks pretty good, although I just bought Minecraft, so I doubt Ill have the time to play anything else for awhile.

  6. Joining 50 player servers are always epic.
    It’s also a lot more fun with friends than Left 4 Dead is imo, the scope of the maps is incredible.
    Aperture Science map anyone?

  7. £15 on Steam but £7.57 on Amazon. Even cheaper PC gaming.

  8. I love this game, and I have been getting really into it lately since I found a group of people that I can play it regularly with. But you HAVE to go with custom maps on this one, there are some really amazing maps out there for you to download.

  9. I highly recommend you all give it a shot (yes that might sound bias from me, but whatever.) It seriously is a challenging and i’ve got hours of enjoyment from it.

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