BBC: Off The Record, Credit Card Details Probably Safe

The BBC’s technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, has been told ‘off the record’ by Sony that PSN users’ credit card details are ‘probably not compromised’. Sony are still investigating the full extent of the intrusion which is probably why they are erring on the side of caution and have yet to release an official statement regarding credit card information.

You can watch the clip via this link.


In related news, the BBC News At Ten has just featured Christopher Ingram from ICO who has said Sony have some “pretty serious questions to be answered’ and will be fully investigated.

As we’ve said before – be vigilant.  Keep a close watch on your bank account and seriously consider taking out ID Theft protection.

Source: BBC



  1. Sort of good news then…

  2. Just for the record… Anyone who wants to steal my identity is welcome to it… i could do with a new one anyhoo!

  3. I guess that, from a liability point of view, it’s better for Sony to say it’s potentially an issue, and for no ill to come of it, than to keep quiet and have to endure the wrath of the public if information did get leaked. Especially when they’re already making claims because they can’t play Black Ops over PSN.

  4. I think there may be some truth behind this. I phoned up my bank today, to ask for a new card, they instantly knew that I was talking about the PSN hack (after I just said, my card details may have been stolen) but they seemed to suggest that there wasn’t really anything to worry about, without actually saying that. I’m wondering if they know something we don’t.

    • I’m pretty sure still have to issue you a new card upon your request.

  5. saw this about 5oclock

    • Even the bit on the News at Ten? :)

      • it was the same thing they just repeated it

    • I read a comment exactly like that months ago.

  6. They already said this, though.
    “While there is no evidence that credit card data was taken at this time, we cannot rule out the possibility.”

    Or to paraphrase: “Your card details are probably safe, but we’re hedging our bets a moment.”

    • Yup

      • I get the feeling they’re just reading the PS blog and then parapharsing it to make it sound like it’s new information…

    • They say that to save their asses from lawsuits and the public.

  7. Doesn’t surprise me at all, they said as much in their original message “While there is no evidence that credit card data was taken at this time, we cannot rule out the possibility” looks like they were doing the right thing and warning people, but the internet seems to have taken it the wrong way…

  8. I think it will turn out to be a big overestimation by the press and even my sony and that the hack was not as bad as is being reported. Other than the week long outage being a big issue, I doubt many cases of theft will occur imo.

    • The 1-2 weeks of downtime is nothing to being breached for 77m accounts of details. Card numbers aren’t as big an issue as many people imagine anyway as card companies do stop unusual transactions & if they don’t they cover the losses & seek to regain it from Sony anyway. The big issue is ID fraud, it just depends whose hands the data is in & who they’re going to sell it to, if anyone.

      The loss of trust has & will continue to cause incalculable damage

      • really think that is far fetched you can steal someones identity so easy it has been going on for years & will continue to do so long after the PSN hack. if Sony did it on purpose I would be mad yeah but they did not you have to have some maturity about the situation imo.

      • It’s alot easier when you have the name, address, dob, password, email address and security q&a for 77 million accounts…

      • when you have facts of people losing money & things then it has some legs to stand on at the moment its just imagination.

      • I don’t think the PSN has any more of my personal details than my facebook account does which has never has a great reputation for protecting data. The only real difference is the card details.

  9. I’m still wary of this tbh. I’ve emptied my bank account into my ISA for now.

    • I had to read that comment twice, I thought that you’d given all your money to TSA :P

    • I gave mine to the Helghast…don’t worry I won’t give up my day job

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