Cyanide Announces “Of Orcs And Men”

Whatever the title may suggest, no, this isn’t a green-skin adaptation of Steinbeck’s 1937 classic. Of Orcs and Men, developed by Blood Bowl’s Cyanide Studio, is a downloadable title which is set to launch next spring, and unlike many fantasy RPGs, it puts you in the shoes of a character who would be conventionally classed as the antagonist.

The game takes place within a dark fictional kingdom in which the empire of man has declared war on the green-skin hordes, many of them being slain in battle, others captured and tortured. Players will assume the role of a hardened Orc veteran, seeking to tear out the root of his race’s oppression, the grand Emperor himself. He can’t do it alone, however; in order to achieve your ultimate goal, you will need to ally yourself with a Goblin.This uneasy relationship will no doubt be pivotal to the game’s narrative, as well as opening up a number of co-op driven mechanics.


There are currently no details in terms of gameplay, online interactions or asking price, though it’s likely we will be hearing more from Cyanide as begin to finish their current project, a strategy game based on Game of Thrones, which has recently been adapted into a (brilliant) TV series.

Source: Press Release



  1. Whether it was supposed to or not, the title still reminds me of John Steinbeck’s novel

  2. Whether it was supposed to or not, the title still reminds me of John Steinbeck’s novel

  3. “Duh-uuhhh, hey George ?”
    So this is like Shrek….but with blood and gut’s and no product placement or innuendos ?

  4. Is this the same Cyanide that released a cycling game on PSP?
    They deserve the benefit of the doubt of course but at the moment I’m sensing a re-defining of average. I’d love to be proved wrong.

  5. The title reminds me “Of Mice and Men”, which in turn reminds me of LOST’s season 4 episode “Of Mice and Ben”. I miss LOST. I really do.

  6. Silly humans think they can challenge an army of orcs

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