“Of Orcs And Men” Screenshots, Trailer

Last month we reported that Cyanide Studio is working on a downloadable adventure title which puts you in the boots of a grizzles Orc veteran and his untrustworthy Goblin companion. Today a number of new assets have been released, including a small gallery of screenshots, presumably depicting the two playable characters, as well as preview build teaser trailer.


Of Orcs and Men is expected to launch on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 next spring.

Source: Press Release



  1. Certainly looks different, which is what interests me the most.

  2. Another medieval fantasy game, oyay. It’s almost as tedious as deviantART fox drawings and cat pictures.

    • Could be worse *thinks contemporary warfare shooters.*

      • An orc as the protagonist is what interests me, makes a change!

      • XD, wasn’t sure If I should have mentioned them or not. Are game designers and artists so devoid of original inspiration that they have to constantly re-use existing themes and archetypes?

        I don’t think playing as an Orc could save this game from being generic IMO.

  3. I think it looks suprisingly good.

  4. Dark… Gritty…. no its not Sacred 2, its a no from me

  5. Could be good.

    • Yeah it looks great but the demo or a gameplay demonstration must wow me if I’ll ever buy it.

      I like orcs

  6. looks like it could be good, but it’s a try before a buy title for me right now i think, maybe they’ll show something later that will impress me more.

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