Three New Vegas DLC Episodes Detailed

Bethesda’s Fallout: New Vegas is the gift that keeps on giving. Following last year’s Dead Money expansion episode, Bethesda have been in touch to detail the next three episodes in the Fallout DLC catalogue.

Launching on the 17th May, Honest Hearts takes you out of the Mojave and into Zion National Park in Utah. You’ll be caught between two warring gangs (surprise, surprise) and have to make some tough decisions to decide the fate of Zion.


June and July will see the launch of Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, respectively. The former will see you become part of a scientific experiment while the latter will take you back to work as a courier when you’re contacted by Ulysses – the courier who refused to deliver the platinum chip at the start of the game.

All packs are expected to be priced at 800MSP/£7.49 on PSN and Steam.



  1. And with the latest 1.05 patch, the game actually runs pretty oki now :) Just make sure you start from scratch, if having problem with quest bugs.

    I’m waiting for the DLC to drop in price or some cheap GOTY with all of them to launch.

    • Yeah me too. I picked up Fallout 3 when I first got my PS3, a couple of months before the GOTY came out – just gunna wait it out and then play through the whole thing in one go =]

  2. Lovely. Hope a GotY edition or something gets announced in due course so I can get it all at once and have myself a jolly old time of it in the wastelands.
    I’m feeling it’ll be a good one for the Christmas period this year, should it be released by then of course. :)

  3. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  4. I can’t bring myself to even put the disc in the playstation! Cause I know that’ll be it for me for many months wondering around like the lone loner

  5. Sounds great. I will be waiting for the GOTY edition though.
    Loving Fallout 3 at the moment.

  6. Still awaiting the GoTY edition to play this.

    • Same here, haven’t played all the DLC for Fallout 3 yet.

  7. Going through Fallout 3 for a third time, so I might not be getting NV for a while yet. Getting more and more excited about this game though.

  8. Should get the game really, must make some time for it:-D

  9. Just picked this game up real cheap after putting in 100+ hours on Fallout 3. Although only downloaded the expansions for that when on PS+ offer and not played them yet. It’s gonna be a nuclear summer for me

  10. Fun game so far, would I buy the dlc? nah….

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