More Mass Effect 3 Screens

A handful of new screenshots from Mass Effect 3 are revolving around the web this morning and we’ve got them below for all to see. It looks like the game is shaping up quite well, graphically speaking, although I wouldn’t be surprised if these shots come from the PC version of the game, rather than the console.

Have a look for yourself.

Source: Gaming Everything



  1. looking good! day one buy for me.

  2. Just started replaying ME2 as female Shephard. Feel I rushed through it the first time.

  3. Looking great! Day 1 Steam purchase for me.

  4. These types of screenshots do nothing for me, as they don’t feel plausible in any way – but I have no doubts the game will be stunning!

  5. hope it fixes all the problems of the 2nd one if it does then I’ll probably buy it at release

    • what problems? I played through me2 twice and didn’t encounter a single issue.

      • I guess that’s referring to the save-file corrupting issue that people experienced shortly after ME2’s PS3 release? I ended up losing around 40 hours of game-time to that, was not amused, I ended up backing up my latest save to a USB stick to be safe.

  6. Husk krogans? And fighting on the citadel?

    • The face looks more like a Batarian than Krogan.

      • I was thinking they look more like whatever the hell the Shadow Broker was.

  7. Looking forward to this. Once its bought, no other game will be played for a long time (well that’s what happened with me2 anyway). Totally engrossing.

  8. I can understand why Cerebus attacks shephard if he choose to destroy the thing but what if Shephard didn’t destroy the thing?Would they still attack.I hope ME3 turns out to be more RPG then shooter.

    • You find out why Cerberus are after Shepard in the beginning of ME3.

  9. God damn I still have to play through ME2…and ME1…*runs*

    • Watch your filthy fucking language, Dan.

  10. I have no doubt that this is going to be something very special. Can’t wait.

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