Learn More About Brink With New Videos

A while back, Bethesda started releasing a new series of videos for Brink called “Get SMART” with the purpose of not only showing gamers what they can expect when Brink finally lands, but to also serve as a small tutorial for what you’ll be doing and how it all works.

We’ve got the most recent video in the series below but we realized that we haven’t shown you all of the others yet, so we decided to include them as well. All 5 of them are here and while it will take a while to get through each one, if you take the time to do so, you should have a very good understanding of what Brink is all about and hopefully a small leg-up when you give it a go for the first time.





  1. Smart they mean the smart button?

  2. I’m intregued by Brink, it sounds like a cross between A generic FPS we’ll call ‘X’, Fallout and Mirror’s Edge. The latter two I like enough to persuade me to buy a FPS so it’s good times. One to keep an eye on, certainly!

  3. waiting my game to arrive… i cant freekin wait….

  4. cheers TSA, will check these out later. Looking forward to this game. I hope it stands up online/co-op

  5. Since selling my PS3 I am really paying attention to multiformat titles such as this. With the exception of LA Noire, this is probably my most anticipated title this year :)

  6. Got this on pre-order. Not too excited about it. Im hoping it can prove me wrong. I think it may be that a lot of the TSA community are looking to get it, and that can mean 1 thing…. Meets!

  7. Cannot wait for this,only Fps of interest to me this year.Alas due to the constant fk up with Psn i’ve switched my preorder to 360.
    L.A Noire-Solo.
    Money left for food-Pot Noodle time.

  8. I haven’t really been following the progress of Brink, but those videos have definitely piqued my interest.

    • Same here, looks pretty good tbh :)

  9. can not wait for this game XD

  10. I regret falling out of interest for this game. I want it lots now !!

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