Hackers ‘Planning New Attack This Weekend’

Internet Relay Chat channels used by hackers have seen posts detailing a third attack on Sony, planned for this weekend. The hackers plan to publish any information they can access including customer names, credit card numbers and addresses. They claim they already have access to some of Sony’s servers.

Here’s the really good bit, this is utter genius, it really is. The reason for the new hack? ‘retaliation for Sony’s handling of the PlayStation Network breach.’ Yes, hackers are pissed off the PSN is down so have decided to hack it a bit more.

That’s really going to help, well done.

Source: CNET



  1. Well i guess it will put Sony’s new security to the test, huh?

    • probably best they just wait till after the weekend, that will feck them off even more lol

  2. Some people dont warrent the gift of life really do they? fudging morons!

    • Seconded.

    • “The hackers plan to publish any information they can access including customer names, credit card numbers and addresses.”


      “The reason for the new hack? ‘retaliation for Sony’s handling of the PlayStation Network breach.’”


      So its Sony’s customers fault that the PSN is down now then?

      • Precisely what I was thinking. Most likely scaremongering.

    • Really? Having these idiots fight our battles is a bit like asking Charlie Sheen to watch the beer cabinet and keep the missus company – it’s just asking for trouble.

  3. Oh please, i hope Sony finds these hackers and send them to lifetime prison!

    • I agree. I think the cia should get involved n lock them up for a long time so they forget how to hack. aha just thought of a better solution after saying that. Brain wash them so they don’t know how to use computers or have any interest in hacking.

      • yeah, they’ll be too busy being someones new wife in the lock up….. hack now, bitches…

      • I think they’ve already enlisted the help of ex-FBI members to help with the search. I hope they get em’, really get em’!!

      • I think they should shoot them, cut their heads off, piss on them and then roll them in a carpet and set them on fire. Then I might be willing to think about forgiving them. ;)

      • Oh, be nice. Their pathetic existence is almost humorous.

    • Get ’em!

    • i can think of a much better idea…it involves genitals and jump start leads

  4. If Sony are expecting this attack, shouldn’t it make tracing the hackers a lot easier?

    • Was thinking the same thing. Hopefully Sony can find them quickly and have them reported to the relevant authorities.

  5. So I’ll have a tight window to get through Portal 2’s co-op. I hope Sony’s new security can hold up.

    • Haha, this just made me laugh. You win todays internet! :D

  6. Oh look more news about hackers Zzzz…

  7. How charmingly tedious of them.

  8. Well I heard it’s cos Sony didn’t say anything for a week to it’s PSN users, which made the hackers angry.

    Either way – Sony would not have to come out and say anything if it wasn’t for the damn Hackers. Or perhaps they’re just massively childish and weren’t happy that their “work” wasn’t announced for a week.

    The way I see it these bums have no regard for the PSN anyway (hypocrites), so stop wasting your time hacking it then!?! You hate Sony that much that you’ll waste your time on them – pathetic.

  9. WANKERS. These pricks need to get a grip. Go get a girlfriend/ boyfriend and stop turning your PC into a painters radio. Hopefully because they have now announced their plans, Sony can take preventative action asap.

    • “stop turning your PC into a painters radio” made me LOL :P

  10. I’m getting so bloody annoyed by these morons and their attacks… Sony should man up and hunt em down!

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