Modern Warfare 3 To Feature In Next OPM

“The biggest game in the world returns,” says the UK Official PlayStation Magazine underneath a massive green three.  Not that it should come as any surprise.

The page, which essentially pimps the mag’s next issue, has got the internet all excited about yet more first person shooting along invisible tunnels (I’m not a big fan) and looks set to back up Craig Fairbrass’ earlier nuggets of not very vague information.


“I did Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as Gaz and then I did Ghost in Modern Warfare 2,” he said, “which has become one of the more iconic figures in the history of computer games, which is great.”

“And I’ve just been out in LA doing something that’s going to be announced in May. “I’ve just been out there doing some bits and pieces, and one is to do with… I can’t say too much.”

We’ll wait and see what OPM have and show, although we’re fairly sure it won’t be confined to just the one magazine.  Me?  I’m keeping an eye on the new Battlefield myself…



  1. In my opinion, MW3 needs to be way way better than before and offer the player a better story and a revamped multiplayer, get away from the killstreaks and perks please…oh looks like its Battlefield 3 for me aswell nofi!

    • We want something new, but Call of Duty is a well known franchise & they know it works just how it is, & they know it makes a lot of money too, unfortunately money seems to over innovation in CoD.

      • Yeah i have and have bought most of the COD series and yes it makes money and lots of people buy it, but for gameplay and multiplayer, the battleifield games have been excellent, ive put more hours into Bad Company 2 than any other game ive ever played

    • Alternatively, Battlefield 3 is looking very good. I’d buy it just for the logo splash.

    • Your basically asking for a new game, Call of Duty is about the fast paced gameplay with the killstreak and perks, you obviously need some Battlefield.

  2. oooh sounds good i know this will be a good game, cod all ways has so many days of fun, hope they include nazi zombies or something similar =)
    one more thing infinity ward need to up the graphics so black ops standard, mw2 just had no texture to objects, an example would be the map terminal like why is it so damn clean!

    oh and typo on the last paragraph, see if you can find it =P

    • You’re pulling someone up for a typo when you say all ways?

    • It won’t be zombies, they belong to Treyarch. It’s more likely to be something along the lines of Spec Ops, which in MW2 were fantastic.

    • Maybe it’s been fixed but there are no typos in the final paragraph.

    • im sorry surely that bops graphics to mw standards. i respect your view, yet dont understand. [email protected] & bops look like ps2 1/2, the sound in both is shockingly bad, especially explosions. i hope we get an improved spec ops(keep a millitary, at least 1of2yrs), as appose to zombies.
      theatre, wager cool, but anymore copying from t.arch (mainly look & sound) & that’s cod over for me (wd be gutted) bf only left, but its not the same.
      i have/love bfbc2/nam & cod, but they both have a different feel i enjoy, wd hate to be left with only 1 of the 2.
      i honestly wish t.arch would walk away from cod.(ty for wager/theartre)

    • Haha blops is the worst COD game ever. Poor graphics, poor animations and the worst, poor 5.1 sound.

  3. remember when Fairbrass let slip prematurely about mw2, he’s not changed then.
    (dont screw mw3 up, i’ll have been waiting 2yrs for a decent cod game come nov)

  4. Modern warfare was brilliant at the time, absolutely loved it. World at war was rubbish online, guns just didn’t have the same punch. Mw2 was excellent but I didn’t get the longevity from it as it was too similar to mw, so I got bored quite quickly. Black ops was just a shocking horrible mess of a game, shame because it could have been very good but the horrendous connection issues made it unplayable. I could never stay in a lobby for more than 1 game without getting booted. I’m hoping mw3 goes back to its roots, yet adds a bit here and there. Could be excellent but I’ll reserve judgement

  5. I don’t really think that COD is as good as people say it is. i have them all and have played them quite a bit but for me they could make them so much better. it would be great if the add the freedom of operation flashpoint and some tanks. they could make this a different game mode and it would be a lot more strategic then just run and gun.

  6. So is this one about the ongoing court battle between Activision and Infinity Ward?.Or is it now clear who owns the rights to the MW brand?if so who is the dev team behind the MW in name only sequel?

    • mw3 has 3devs, infinity ward, sledgehammer games and raven software.
      iward – campaign only.
      sledgehammer,(made up of ex-members of Visceral Games,) will also be helping on the single-player portion of the game, with this being their first title.
      raven previously made games like singularity and x-men origins: wolverine, they have been tasked with the multiplayer portion of the game. All of this to speed up development, according to the L.A. Times blog “Company Town”, who reported that they spoke with sources close to the development of Modern Warfare 3.

      • actually the thought that the same studio that made x-men origins is doing mp, i find worrying.
        i thought origins looked extremely unpolished, perhaps as it had to coincide with the movie release.
        ill reserve judgement, but still worried.

      • Pretty sure they’ll be doing bits that IW hand-over to them, with IW overseeing it anyway & then it gets the IW once over when it pulls together.

        It’s a shame that IW have required help in this way as I’d have really liked to see what the head-honchos behind Dead Space could have done with CoD sooner rather than later.

      • @cc, yeh forgot to mention, although sledgehammer a new studio, it’s mainly the same staff behind
        fair to say campaign will be 1st class, i just hope mw3 can please all cod fans, as oppose to leaving some out in the cold every 2nd year.

      • hold on i said visceral games lol, blaming it one online gaming withdrawl.
        (yes i love online gaming, & proud of it:)

      • I had no idea Raven were to work on this,thanks for the info although they do have a history with Fps since Heretic/Hexen,but it’s always been the single player side of their games thats stood out imo.
        I was under the impression that IWs core crew had moved on to Respawn,which is why i made the snidey comment about MW in name only as IW is pretty much now in house activision.
        Truth be told my favorite Cod was Cod 2 on Pc although i did really enjoy MW1 also,i tend to find the MP aspect very much an evolution of quake 1,it plays the same and feels so similar even down to the maps

  7. Modern warfare was the most played game by myself and the missus after that it just got boring just mw repeats with extra’s but nothing new ..i played mw 2 and black ops for like 3 days ‘yawn’ same old same old ……plus american’s take the game waaaay to serious 8/

    • 30days i have on mw2 – about 3days bops
      i have 40 or so other games from various genres, which i also play.(bfbc2/nam one of them.
      (trading bops & a christmas voucher towards brink this wk)

  8. Can’t wait, when does OPM come out? :D

  9. *tooooot* *tooooooot* All aboard the Cok…. HYPE train baby!

    Oh right no, that’s Gears of War:

  10. They will only make the xbox one better because Microsoft will pay them, sigh

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