EA Denies Xbox Successor Rumour

Last week we brought you news via Develop that EA has prototypes of the Xbox 360 successor. The  ‘senior, trusted, well-placed source’ claimed the kit was so new it was still housed in a PC case.

At the time EA declined to comment but they have now released a statement that the rumour is ”100 per cent untrue’. Develop are standing by their source and insist the story is accurate.


Meanwhile, Eurogamer have spoken to another source who has said that it is highly unlikely Microsoft will announce any new console at E3.

Source: Develop / Eurogamer



  1. awwwww…. was hoping for a new generation oh well lol

    • Actually, I think it’s a bit too soon for a new generation, playstation and xbox are still going strong. But it’s good that there’s gonna be a new nintendo one, wii is pretty crap now…

  2. They could be under strict instructions from MS to deny it – might explain the delay (not prepared to comment at first, but then MS tell them to deny it).

    Or… Could be that there isn’t a successor =P

    • No successor – an equal one then? :)

  3. Why bother denying these things anymore? If I were a company I’d just say:
    “Really? Cool.” or
    “I’m not going to dignify rumours with a response.” even
    “Oh, shush you, now give me some more blanket, it’s cold on this side of the bed.”

  4. Good. I’m in no rush for the next gen. I’ve invested enough money in this gen so I want to enjoy it for a while longer.

    • same, plus games are still getting better each year, both in graphics & gameplay innovations.
      2014 sounds about right, even 2015 would be cool with me.

  5. I was quite excited by the prospect but I’m pretty happy with the way things are, what little money I have is already being pulled in more directions than I’d like.

    I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft show /something/ … they have to have something up their sleeve because the future of 360 doesn’t have a massive amount on the horizon.

  6. Funny that, i’ve actually been thinking about what device i might go for next gen, and have been considering something in a pc case.. -_-

  7. glad i didn’t got for this on my bingo card

    • It’s still possible! Meh, I shouldn’t have listened to the rumors… Damnit!

  8. I think that the Xbox 360 v2.0 as still some years in front (i just bought one xD), like the PS3, the Slim models are made to correct errors (RROD, YLOD) and to make the consoles last longer, so i vote for E3 of 2012 or 2013 to have news from MS and Sony.
    That’s why Nintendo is announcing Wii 2, that’s because they don’t have a reason to make a Wii v2.0 XD

  9. No rush…..

  10. With the new 360 Spring update including support for the new xbox disk format and paypal, i don’t think MS want to announce a new console this year. Why go through the hassel of implimenting a new format this gen, just to make it absolete within 8-12 months.

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