First Splinter Cell 6 Image Leaked

Audio product manufacturer ‘Blue Sky’ seems to have leaked the very first shot of Splinter Cell 6, and it seems Sam has gotten his trademark night vision goggles back.

Alongside that there are ‘SC6’ screens as well as the word ‘arrow’.  Here’s hoping for an E3 reveal.


Source: GamerZines



  1. Hello Splinter Cell: Conviction, this is PS3 urgently requiring you to report for duty.

    Please report 7th-9th June at the Los Angeles Convention Center


    • Yup, desperately want to play this. Though I did just get an XBox with a phone contract so I might just pick it up on the cheap for that…

    • As much as I would like to see it on PS3, I didn’t like the black and white parts, made the game feel cheap

    • Would also be interested in picking up Conviction on PS3. Here’s hoping anyway.

    • I wan’t it too and if they don’t bring it to the PS3 i do hope that the 6th won’t have anything to do with Conviction

    • To be honest your not missing much. Thought Splinter Cell Conviction was a complete let down. Chaos Theory is still king.

  2. Brought the first one for my PS2TV at the weekend, loving it so far. Hope this one is real would love a HD one (:

  3. Is there a confirmed date for the splinter cell collection on Ps3 yet?

  4. I really enjoyed the originals so i’m looking forward to the HD collection. I wasn’t keen on what i saw of Conviction, or the previous game but if the new game is a return to form i hope it makes it’s way onto PS3.

  5. Hd collections will do me will take something special for them to make something as good as pandora tomorrow.

  6. I haven’t played a Splinter Cell since Pandora Tomorrow, such great games (the first couple). Really hope they make a quality sneaky-about type game, loved them!

  7. Now if only they would only leak the new Rainbow Six game…

  8. Conviction was so much fun. Need people to play more co op with though.

  9. eagerly awaits leaks of Princess Elkia of Persia 2 ( er… Prince of Persia 2 of course silly me )

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