Official Brink Launch Trailer Released

The official launch trailer for Brink is now live. Splash Damage’s FPS will release in America at midnight tonight, and in the UK on Friday. Boasting an insane bazillion-willion* player customisations, there should be something to please everyone. Watch out for reviews early tomorrow morning.


Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t have an embed code, so you’ll have to watch it here.

*May not actually be accurate.



  1. Had this one preordered but seeing PSN is still down I’m gonna hold out a bit longer. It’s furthermost a MP title on my behalf.

  2. Nice. Think I’ll wait for PSN to be up (and perhaps next payday) before buying it, but it looks really good!

  3. I will be getting on 360 as the PSN is down… a shame really. But oh well, either way Splash Damage have done a great one of this one… from what I have already played of the game, at least.

    • so where you a playtester?(i won’t ask anymore, nda & all.) i recently playtested for ubisoft, two great days & got myself a copy of kz3 out of it:)

  4. 13th it is :)
    was reading conflicting dates on the web & on the homepage here, the ad above your profile bar says may13, while larger ad below says may20 lol(not your err.) watched all the dev daries last night, looks so good. was a little concerned about the lack of traditional mp, but read you have a free roam of sorts, where you can choose from any of the 16 chapter locations.(with maybe additional locations to follow)

    was going to hold off due to psn offline, but i’ll go it alone, get some exp to give me a fighting chance when psn returns. p.s. can’t wait to get stuck into character & weapon customisation, especially the character side.

    • The confusion with the dates is because it was originally due out on the 20th, but was brought forward by a week.

      • ah cool(l.a.noire), although i bet they wish they’d put it back a week now, due to psn

  5. Can’t wait! Pre-ordered this at Blockbuster for £34.99 and got £23 worth of rental vouchers too. Can’t be bad! :D

  6. Great looking trailer but I remain unconvinced.
    I’ll be paying extra interest to the reviews for this one and particularly early adopters opinions on this very site.

  7. Not getting this as the PSN is down.

  8. I want to get this, but I’m worried about PSN etc. Not worth buying if PSN is down

  9. Can’t wait for this :)

  10. Looks great. Definite purchase once the PSN is back up and running.

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