Podcast: Episode 17

You know the way this is a podcast about games, movies and comics? Well, this week we spend more time talking about how Jack Tretton instils discipline in the staff. We also went off on a weird tangent where we offered financial advice. There were games mentioned though, so stick with us.

The esteemed bunimomike jumped back into Lewis’ vacant seat and slagged off Will Ferrell. Kris played a game so things are a little odd but it was an old one so don’t panic, we’re not quite at “signs of impending apocalypse” just yet.

We also talked about CGI movies in general, FIFA and the competition made a clumsy return (because I was running it). We have no idea what the prize will be but it’s likely to be something gamey. Or possibly Blair, we might just send Blair. There was also a quiz which spanned the movie and game fields because we’re so meta. I ran that too though, so don’t get your hopes up for professionalism there either.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. My first ever comment :D

    Ive been visiting this awesome site for a few months now so I decided to make an account!

    Yeah i’ve been listening to the podcasts from the day they started and i’ve gotta say I love what you guys are doing, its just so funny! Glad to see Mike is returning for another episode he’s hilarious! My sympathies go out to Lewis too, it sounds pretty painful to say the least.

  2. Nice subtitle, did you give the podcast team the full metal jacket

  3. another brilliant Podcast.

  4. Great podcast, good to have Mike back! Hopefully Lewis will be back soon too. Only thing is that after listening to this and the forum podcast….there is no more TSA podcastyness left to listen to. To be honest,i think you should do bi-weekly podcasts :D

  5. Good podcast

    It seems that none of use TSA staffers ever play their Steam purchases

    I bought the Valve pack in the sale & haven’t even downloaded half of it yet, nevermind playing them

  6. If you went any more off topic you would be hiding in an undiscovered tomb with Lord Lucan and Shergar.

  7. Listening to it now, very fun :D

  8. Cheers fellas, I feel the same about Will Ferrell, love his voice work but I simply can’t stand him as an actor, haha.

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